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TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 23:12
@Martin/Robert: With these levels are associated my remembrances. I really will have them on my PC platform.
Robert  - 26.07.2003 - 23:06
And I thought things couldn't get worse, now Martin is supposed to hack T2002.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 21:41
@Martin: Good tip: first talk about converting GGT with Pekaro, if they give u level specs, convert T1 and T2
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 21:35
@Martin: In my meaning t2002 level file structure ist much more easiest to recognize than that from T1 and T2 this will be 10x easier than in Amiga versions.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 21:29
@Martin: Each aspect of t2002 level is even in separate file !!!
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 21:28
@Martin: In my meaning, you can easily reconstruct T2002 level specs. I've looked at level files of T2002, under Norton Commander and they seem to be looking as open structure, no crypting, or even in-one-file mixture.
Martin  - 26.07.2003 - 21:23
Oh BTW, I don't have the T2002 level format specs. So again, it's only possible to convert them if Pekaro wants it.
Martin  - 26.07.2003 - 21:23
Wow, you want to play with a leveleditor. That's cool.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 21:22
@Martin: If you can convert ggt to t2002, you can convert t1 and t2 to t2002. Please don't lost these works! I want play these levels with future T2002 editor !!!
Martin  - 26.07.2003 - 21:21
@TurricaN: Of course I'll continue. But for me it's not just the level ripping/editing. It's the reverse engineering, seing how the game works. BTW, it's called Turrican, not TurricaN, although the title might look a bit like TurricaN.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 21:18
@Martin: T2002 is only TurricaN (in future) with level editor! I want look at T1 and T2 level in this editor! Please, don't abanton rippings! Make it, if even they're will be only for you'n'me!
Martin  - 26.07.2003 - 21:17
PC loaders for CDTV Turricans? You mean an emulator? That's too much work...
Martin  - 26.07.2003 - 21:16
I mean rebuilding them, I'm not going to hack the T2002 level format. But I'll probably not do it anyway.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 21:15
@Martin: Please continue level ripping, even if only I'm interested on it. If no, please even make PC loaders for both CDTV TurricaNs, instead of Amiga ones. In this way CDTV games will be converted to PC versions.
Martin  - 26.07.2003 - 21:12
Yeah, but I can convert the GGT levels to T2002
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 21:11
Exaclty, same here. Im bulding my levels by myself, I make them sure to work with fresh world, CDTV levels is just same as T2amiga. Just look at CDTV covers.
Martin  - 26.07.2003 - 21:04
Implementing the original T-levels into T2002 can only be done if Pekaro wants it. And I'm not sure if they want it. I mean, the goal of T2002 is to have a Turrican game with new levels, not with the old ones.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 20:47
@t.r.schmidt: I've ended talk about warez/gamez/appz. I talked about warez below my current post to you, because to explain why I doesn't want be multiplatformous on TurricaN and other games.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 20:34
I don't want breach upper DOS world barrier. I'm great fan of joined DOS/WINDOWS world and I don't want lost it for alien system.Gamez that doesn't work under newest DIRECTX that's will be available for WINME aren't interesting for me.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 20:27
@Zork: than you for waning about WINXP evilness. DOS compatible age was between MSDOS1.0 and WINME. If PC means DOS compatible, then Computers above barrier mentioned by me aren't PC's. They're something alien, e.g. as MAC, INDY, SPARC, CRAY and so on.
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 20:24
Abadonware is illegal cause there are few websides that still countine to sell it! They won´t give up unless all game is searched correctly...I think
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 20:22
@Robert:I saw those things below that I want explained why I don't like be multiplatformous on TurricaN. From my all warez TurricaN is my most beloved game. Even Doom III isn't better than it.
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 20:21
Few days, there was QUAKE4 sketch picture which was illegal to keep it. Now lucky people who got it should there computers close from now on
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 20:19
WINXP is NT!! EU wanted this happned. If you change your computers featurings 4times, they will close your windows, they can even search and detect illegal games so I just warn you
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 20:19
So, I think this is a good place to STOP talking about illegal Software!!!
Robert  - 26.07.2003 - 20:19
Oh, it's even worse, a warez fanatic. @Zork: Same law here, that's called backups.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 20:15
I see that barrier P4/P4HT,WINME/WINXP,GF4TI4800/GF-FX5200 is a barrier between DOS compatible and non DOS world.
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 20:11
But those who crack the games is sweden nerds...popular named as razor1911, hybrid, and more...I got plenty cd copys too
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 20:09
I tell ya this: In sweden, there is a law that you can keep the games that is burned such as Q3, UT2003, HULK and more but it´s illegal to copy or give someone, for us might the opposite of law here.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 20:08
My C128 has also 1531 datassette, and needed power supplies. That's all what C= made for C128 !!!
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 20:06
In my C= set are:c128 itself,1571 fdd,1581 fdd,1351 mouse,cbm joy,1750ram module,1670 modem,1084s monitor,mps 1200 printer,c= mousepad.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 20:01
CBM - Commodore Business Machines and IBM - International Business Machines are very similar names! If IBM was 16/32/64bit, CBM was 8bit!
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:59
Before PC I had C128, now it is full equipped with all possible peripherals made by C=, each in its best version. I'm now getting some more warez made by CBM. (As in C= are 5,25 and 3,5 drive, that's in my P4! CBM and IBM could be brothers.
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 19:54
Yep, a true PC-Fanatic. Old PC-Game-Copies won´t get valuable, they´ll only get old.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:26
This will be my last PC, because to DOS compatibility i have only WINDOWS ME. I doesn't want go to XP or P4 HT. That's will be traiting my DOS/8088 roots !!!
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:25
My earliest gamez was on 5,25" and 3,5 disks, but they migrated to CD, fortunately before my 600 floppies were erratic. My first PC was 8088, next 386, next Pentium MMX, and next latest Pentium 4 2.8GHz without HT. This will be my last PC, because t
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:21
But due to reconstructing working i had to get additional gamez from somewhere. And that's going, growing my collection instantly. I'm RARing my every CD, thus often full capacity is used. I'm not writing 1game=1cd, but as many as possible=1cd.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:19
With these gamez working was so: From my early years I've collected gamez slow. But virus screwed up my HD. Fortunately I has gamez list. I could reconstruct my small collection from scratch, and had to research gamez from new. Now i've reconstructed al
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:14
But after five years these gamez be valuable ABANDONWARE!
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 19:12
It also is illegal if it´s only for youself. And collecting only copies is very sad.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:09
For C= I have only gamez/utilz made by C=, i don't have time to getting more.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:07
I'm burning tons of all gamez where I can get, but I burn these only for myself. I'm not selling them anything. I'm rather extreme gamez collector, and have all gamez from my early years of PC8088 to newest for P4.For C= I have only gamez/utilz made by
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 19:03
Pretty senseless, you can´t play them all. And it is ILLEGAL. But I guess you burn only Abandonware like UT2003?
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 19:00
@Martin/Robert: I'm not fanatic for be only fanatic. If I'm getting tins of PC gamez nearly one day, I can't be diversed to more platforms. I will then not to keep up with recording my gamez CD's. My burnrate is 1 cd/day.
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 18:55
Amiga is, too. So whats the point? And it is no fight, Emulators are pretty good now.
Robert  - 26.07.2003 - 18:54
Now you lost the very last sympathies. A PC fanatic @Aky: Keine Ahnung, woher der wissen will, was wir so machen.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 18:49
I don't fight with Game Gear,or Mega Drive.I have thousands of PC games,and I don't have time to be multiplatformous.Nearly all my time is used to expand my PC stuff.Exception is C128,but he's computer. IBM and CBM are both Business Machines.
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 18:47
Well, thi is a quite boring point of view
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 18:43
@all: That will be great, if GGT and aca.sys will be PC applications. Then I will download them. But I don't like complications and I have only: T2 PC, T32K, T32KMMX, and T2002. I will have all TurricaNs on one unified PC platform.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 18:38
@all: GGT and aca.sys are good, of course, but they are created for non-popular platforms. Who today has Game Gear, or Sega Mega Drive? If these games may be extremely popular, they must be created for PC - most popular platform.
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 18:30
not only that, he said PC. That means he said against Zorks aca.sys
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 18:29
t.r.schmidt: sorry for keep you waiting the demo, now I have to go out and drive my old audi 100
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 18:29
Uh-oh. He said something against Martins GameGear.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 18:04
@Aky: Yes, In PC you can edit and play these levels. In Game Gear you can only play. GG is worst than PC. PC is more universal, and you can do more with TurricaN. Pekaro will soon release level editor for T2002!
Aky  - 26.07.2003 - 17:43
Hab wohl was verpasst? Sinnlose Ripping-Diskussionen? Baahh...! Martin+Robert implementieren Original in T2002 ??...mir wäre GGT deutlich wichtiger...
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 16:35
Im quiet busy now TurricaN. Im fixing few elements of aca.sys to send a preview version to T.R
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 15:53
@Zork: Only Robert and Martin are implementing ORIGINAL levels in T2002! Zork, why you don't make the same? In this way T2002 will be PC vwesion of T1 and T2, too!
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 15:48
em here!!Take your time with emulator, play turrican and relax, you bothering everybody here..please just play Turrican so It makes you happy..AM I CLEAR!!I get really mad that you don´t even want to imagine
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 15:46
Since there is a damn T2002 and all turrican games, why wasting your time with your level rippings"I need them, please" I don´t care about it! Im happy playing Turrican, not by level rippings, hell Im creating levels bymyself so no probl
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 15:43
All: Shut the "!!"#up. Enough with damn sensless discussion!! Cut out with level rippings!! Im pretty uppset about being talking bla bla bla"hey, let´s do alevel rippings"or "now we can create by own turrican, mohahah
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 15:43
Yo! Beta-testing: http://www.nemmelheim.de/turrican/easy_classifieds/
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 14:55
@Robert: Please don't be pretty nerved. I'm ending this discussion. now. Please only not leave level ripping stuff.
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 14:49
For the start, have a look at Mega-Turrican with a Sega-Emulator, this is much simplier, quite plug and play. Did you try that?
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 14:48
I think he is pretty nerved by this senseless discussion. Why can´t you just be happy that Martin is working on it? If you want to play Turrican faster use an emulator like everyone else. I did a hundred times and never had any problems!
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 14:41
@Robert: Why you are out if ripping? You should help Martin in ripping, work will be proceeding faster.
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 14:40
Abondonware is and stays illegal, no matter what you say. If the owner doesn´t make it freeware everything else it irrelevant.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 14:39
@Robert: Excuse me, but I want only say that direct ripping from files is easier than simultaneously playing game and ripping chip memory dumps.
Robert  - 26.07.2003 - 14:16
That's too much for me, I'm out of this level ripping stuff
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 14:07
@ALL: I must say, that's Factor5 downloads doesn't work! Alternate download is: http://public.www.planetmirror.com/pub/factor5/
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 13:18
@Robert: Rumors say that ADF copies of TurricaNs from Factor 5 aren't 100% ideal. File versions are ideal. And correction for my last post: no level dumps, but memory dumps.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 13:14
@Robert:level dumps are worst for ripping,because ripper must allow playing game to place levels in memory.If there are files,all levels are available,without playing game and swapping between ripper and UAE.In file version case,ripper don't need play.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 13:11
@Robert: How legal user can make Amiga CD working game? Crypted ADF isn't good for backup, 720 kB floppies aren't produced, Only carrier for Amiga produced now is CD, not DD buggy old floppy!
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 13:10
Robert: like we legally own Turrican games?? Nobody cares about that, we are just sabotage buy using them
Robert  - 26.07.2003 - 13:07
It's enough now. Abandonware is illegal, Home of the Underdogs is illegal. And Factor5 only offers the Turrican game downloads for people, who legally own the games. "sabotaging level-ripping", what a crap. Using memory dumps is just as good
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 13:06
Pekaro: T2002 is on homeunderdogs to download, if you didn´t know it!
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 12:59
@t.r.schmidt: Why Factor 5 and THQ doesn't host file versions of TurricaNs? They are sabotaging level-ripping.
Zork  - 26.07.2003 - 12:48
Robert/Martin/Karsten:What about Home Of UnderDogs, it´s one of the biggest abandoware games site. Even Tyrian 2000 is still on the sale, there are people who is hosting that is not allowed by them.
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 12:34
Karsten is right. The only one that is legally allowed to host Turrican is Factor 5 and THQ. The didn´t allow anybody else. And Abondonware in NOT legal, in best place it´s tolerated.
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 12:16
@Karsten: You can download All TurricaNs for free at Factor5. CDTV version differs only in game structure: files instead of crypted, non file organized sectors. What you would: easy fast rip from files, or tortures with slow and nerve rip from crypts?
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 11:59
@Karsten: You lost big chance to easily get these levels. What you would: Easy rippable file-version, or nearly unrippable crypted ADF, which is even unreadable by Amiga OS ???
TurricaN  - 26.07.2003 - 11:56
@Robert/Martin/Karsten: You don't need leave Germany !!! TurricaN CDTV is abandonware, and I found its first part in Abandonware France, and second part in China Abandonware. I don't have any Amiga originals, or even Amiga. I have only PC and C128.
Robert  - 26.07.2003 - 11:11
He knows, I told him. @TurricaN: See, Pekaro is better than we are, so stop complaining. Now everybody knows that I helped out with illegal business, I have to leave the country
Karsten  - 26.07.2003 - 10:16
Did you know that it is illegal to copy and send original games like Turrican CDTV to anybody else? That is why pekaro will not take part in that.
t.r.schmidt  - 26.07.2003 - 00:03
@TurricaN: I reinstalled my FTP, give me a few days and you can upload again. Or simply send me a mail. Winzip can cut archives in several smaller pieces.
zork  - 25.07.2003 - 23:13
besides that, my level looks really cool, you just have to watch it! it´s redesigned from scratch
TurricaN  - 25.07.2003 - 23:08
@zork: Good. There are nothong who diskikes level ripping.
Zork  - 25.07.2003 - 23:03
At last, it´s playable now!
Zork  - 25.07.2003 - 22:56
a mail about my aca.sys preview
TurricaN  - 25.07.2003 - 22:22
@Zork: Which mail???
Zork  - 25.07.2003 - 22:20
guess I misunderstod, t.r.schmidt got a mail
TurricaN  - 25.07.2003 - 22:09
@Martin/Robert: And CDTV version needs start from Workbench/Amiga Dos. Thus, they aren't crypted autoboot disks!
TurricaN  - 25.07.2003 - 22:07
@Martin/Robert: I was begging for help, because Pekaro Team repelled my begs. I sent games to Pekaro, but Pekaro repelled these. You are VERY GOOD because of getting games and begin lebel ripping !!!
zork  - 25.07.2003 - 21:59
You think wrong robe! Just because Im saying Im a game designer and blah blah dosen´t mean Im a big boss here around, IM THE BEST..WRONG! I told you I do like level rippings........well ok...YEAH IT´s cool wow, good job TurricaN
Robert  - 25.07.2003 - 21:58
I never said as ho. What's that supposed to be?
Zork  - 25.07.2003 - 21:56
sorry for my madness, Im watching Ren&Stimpy cause they rock happy joy joy happy joy joyhahahah!!
Robert  - 25.07.2003 - 21:56
As this stuff is a lot of work you can't really beg for help...you can't await that much from anybody. You should instead say "hey, wouldn't this be cool?" and silently hope, that he thinks the same.
zork  - 25.07.2003 - 21:55
Turrican:oh..dear, here we go again. Im a game designer and graphics coder remember? of course I do like level rippings, why not..now....ineed.ghea milk happy joy happy joy happy joy,hahahah!!!
TurricaN  - 25.07.2003 - 21:50
@zork: why you don't like level ripping? Thus, because of it you will know any secret of TurricaN games!
zork  - 25.07.2003 - 21:50
"jas&ari" sorry, looks like my swedish keyborad dosen´t support here, as ho is jasa. last word of jasa is a A with a dot top of the A, get it...oohhh...milk
zork  - 25.07.2003 - 21:47
you´re not the only one TurricaN. Turkish grammar in english has a problem to. Imagine that turkey have suffered any words that sounds like france, german, english and swedish. In german, they say "as ho" in sweden, we say "jas&ari
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