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t.r.schmidt  - 01.01.2022 - 11:43
Happy new year!
Jochem  - 31.12.2021 - 07:47
Perhaps I'm chipping in for the special edition. The strictly limited release does seem to have lots of cool features. Bye-bye 200 euro's :P
JD  - 31.12.2021 - 04:10
One more day for the SLG Retro Cartridges to ship… lol.
snajper  - 30.12.2021 - 16:58
so good luck with the negotiations
Ravenlordess  - 30.12.2021 - 12:24
It had nothing to do with "getting the point". I deleted it because we're trying to reach a peaceful solution. Both companies were unaware of the copypaste work done by the artist until I pointed it out.
snajper  - 30.12.2021 - 03:23
So if I were her, I would rather be proud of having a chance to be a part of the legend. And it seems she got the point as the post has been deleted.
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