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At the Bonusfiles you find Infos, Turrican Music, Turrican Wallpapers, Screensavers, Posters.... if you think you know anything that should be mentioned here, please contact me.

How to play Turrican on a PC

A step-by-step manual how
to get the original Turricans
running under windows-PCs


Where to get the games

Get all Turricans at Factor 5 - official homepage

Turrican Games & Game related



To set an image as your wallpaper, open it, then right-click on it and select "Set as Wallpaper".
        3d-Turrican Wallpaper 3d-Turrican Wallpaper

Soundtracks & Sounds

For better use in MP3-Players or to burn them on CD, I put together the (imho) best Tracks of Turrican 1-3 as an mp3-collection (256kbps).
And for all who want to burn them as a CD, there are two nice CD-Covers.

Of course this is a recording of the original Amiga-Version. Choose a download-link:
Evolution 1 / Evolution 2 / Evolution 1 - filemirror / Evolution 2 - filemirror

And don´t forget to download the cute player for Evolution I, done by wizard!
Please visit Classic Game Soundtracks for more Soundtracks and a Player !

At synSONIQ you can get the Original Turrican Soundtrack (remade in high-quality) on CD. Even more tracks are available on various Chris Hülsbeck CD´s there, just look for Turrican.
synSONIQ records


Turrican 1 Poster, Part scanned by RetroMan
Turrican 1, World of Turrican-Poster, scanned by Ultrastorm1977

Turrican 2 Poster   

Turrican 3 Poster

Mega-Turrican Poster, owned and scanned by Eiswuxe (thx !), reworked by pat

Your Sinclair Poster

Or download the Turrican 1-3 Posters in 300dpi as one huge archive.




  Sprite Rips: sprites.zip  

Turrican Screensaver

Turrican Screensaver
48 Pictures of Turrican 1-3 (2.887 kb) - incl. Setup, Windows only
Turrican Forever
Bronko´s Turrican Page
Manfred Trenz Fanpage
Member of Turrican.eu