Turrican News, Facts and Rumours ???

Welcome to this section! Here you can find many interesting Facts about Turrican. If you think you know anything that should be mentioned here, please contact me.
  • Turrican was first released 1990 for the C64
  • Turrican 1 and 2 were developed simultaneously on Amiga and C64
  • while developing, Turrican 1 the C64 Version was ahead, at Turrican 2 it was the Amiga-Version
  • Turrican was created by Manfred Trenz
  • The Turrican 1 title-picture was inspired by a Manowar-CD-cover
  • The Turrican 1 C64 Turrican Soundtrack, Subsong 2 was stolen from "Transformers the Movie" (1985)! Best compare it to the track "Escape".
  • The Turrican 2 Extro picture was inspired by "The Book Of Alien" (1979), from a sketch of comic artist Moebius
  • The Name Turrican has its origin in the telephone-book of Düsseldorf, from an italian named "Turricano"
  • The Story about the Restaurant named "Turricano´s" is wrong, it gets confounded with the Name for Katakis
  • Turrican´s worktitle was Hurrican, it was renamed to Turrican short before the release to avoid naming conflicts with another game. See an Article with the original title here.
  • As the Turrican 2 Demo was prelaunched on a computer-show in Cologne, so many people tried to get one of the 900 copies that 2 people were injured !
  • Turrican 3 was converted to the Amiga by Factor 5 and ex-members of Kaiko
  • Turrican 3 was first released for Megadrive as Mega Turrican .
  • At first, Factor 5 started Turrican 3 on the Amiga, they even had a demo with the plasma-rope. But then began the problems with the Amiga and they switched to the Sega MegaDrive. One year later Kaiko offered Rainbow Arts to do a Turrican 3 on Amiga, not identical to MegaTurrican. But there were copyright problems, and so MegaTurrican was ported.
  • Mega Turrican has better graphics (more colours and animations) as Turrican 3 and even plays different at some Points (e.g. the giant Squid) - but Turrican 3 has better sound
  • Turrican 1 was the first part which had a demo version
  • The Turrican 3 Demo-Disk was sold for 5 DM and had some surprises included
  • The inspiration for Turrican were Metroid (NES, Nintendo), Psycho-Nics Oscar (Arcade, 1987 Data East Corporation ) and Mario (Nintendo).
  • In 2000, Turrican 3d was delveloped by Manfred Trenz under the label of THQ - but was stopped and seems to be released never
  • Some never-released scenes of Turrican 3d are included in a music-video of the Group Abgehörte Telefonate to their song Ballerspiel
  • The Turrican Soundtrack is available on CD
  • The Turrican Package and Poster were drawn by Celal Kandemiroglu
  • The the Gameboy Turrican-Cover was done by the famous Artist Julie Bell
  • Universal Soldier should first have been a conversion of Turrican 2, but someone at Accolade decided, that it would sell better this way
  • It once was once planned to beam Turrican star-trek like into the stages, but they were never happy with the results. The remains were used in Turrican 2. This was the particle implosion-system mentioned in the Turrican 1 Demo.
  • There exists an official Turrican Joystick
  • The Box to activate the elevator in Turrican 1 simply was part of the copy-protection. If you had a copy, it just was not there, as well as some other Bonus rooms.
  • Turrican 1 was 1200 screens large
  • Turrican 2 was 1500 screens large
  • Turrican 3 features 15 levels, 25 musics and 90 soundeffects
  • Turrican 2 was sold only 30.000 times (source: Amiga Joker)
  • Turrican 3 was preordered about 25.000 times
  • There is a complete development diary of Turrican 3
  • Probe Software tried and failed to convert Turrican 2 to the Atari ST (read in ASM 11/90)
  • Manfred Trenz first planned that Turrican should have 20 Levels
  • Regarding to M. Trenz the C64-Version of Turrican 2 sold not as well as Turrican 1
  • The german techno-Band Scooter remixed the Turrican 2 Extro-Song "Freedom", the track is named "Level One"
  • In Duke Nukem 1 & 2 (the prequels of Duke3d), graphics of Turrican 1 were (ab)used
  • In "Earth Defender", only available on the SuperVision-Handheld they even stole the Turrican 1-Cover.
  • In Turrican 2 there is a feature out of the arcade-gamke Toki
  • Factor 5 owns the US Trademark "Turrican" ( see http://www.uspto.gov/ )
  • In germany, SOFTGOLD Computerspiele GmbH, Kaarst owns the Trademark Turrican
  • The 2 facts above may be the reason why it is so complicated for both to release a new Turrican.
  • "Ghostbusters: The Video Game" contains a Chiptune-Cover of Turrican 2 Title while playing an Arcade game cabinet ingame
  • Turrican was performed live, with a full orchestra and choir at Games-Convention opening-Concerts in Leipzig and at the Symphonic Shades-Concert in Koeln.
  • The Turrican 3 / Mega Turrican Boss was inspired by the Marvel-comic-character "Stryfe", he even is named as such in the ASM source code of the Turrican 3 intro.

Technical Details
  • The size (of Turrican 2 levels anyway) differs per level, level one is approximatly 130x51 blocks (1 block = 32x32 pixels) so this would be (130x32)/320 = 13 screens wide and (32*51)/200= 8+ screens heigh.
  • For every 32x32 Block there are 16 Bytes in a table, which divide the block in 16 8x8 Blocks.
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