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    It was started 26.12.00. First it only contained the screenshots of the Amiga-Versions and a few files because I missed those on the other Turrican-Sites. Next came the SETA section. And then, as the other Turrican pages lacked regular updates, I decided to do news. And so it grew to what you see here ;)
Here I want to say "thanks" to all the people out there, who helped me or mailed me stuff, to the developers of old and new Turricans for giving me something to write about, and Robert Konrad who hosts some of the biggest files and the Board at his great Turrican Forever Fanpage.

For some nostalgic feeling I archived the old homepage here, of course the links are inactive. There also is an old version at http://www.geocities.com/turrican_seta/, where it all started. I abandoned geocities back then after they nerved me with tons of email.

the old site

Turrican Screenshot for other Systems - Nintendo / Sega and more
the Search for Turrican Alternatives Facts, Rumours and News about Turrican
Welcome to Turrican SETA Project !
Now this site is finally overloaded with infos, screenshots, downloads, goodies, all related to Turrican and the SETA Project, the Search for Turrican Alternatives.
Under Turrican News, Facts and Rumours you can find the latest News about Turrican and Turrican conversions plus a collection of facts about our Hero.
I at least donīt think you might find a site containing more screenshots of Turrican ;).

Enjoy - and remember: shoot or die !

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