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Retro Pedro  - 18.09.2023 - 17:35
Does someone know this video? good work, I think so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e2perjkl7U&t=959s.
snajper  - 11.09.2023 - 23:16
not that I expected something different...
snajper  - 11.09.2023 - 23:14
his fb: "I have chosen to create and develop exclusively original games, abandoning the Fan Games. I deleted the Turrican project... I regret it for the Turrican fans".
Bernd   - 11.09.2023 - 17:43
Eleventh Pixel Turrican Project is dead ????
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Turricane 3.5 mp3s
Just added two fine mp3s, Introduction and Junk Yard, for Lukasz Turricane 3.5 Final mission to the Soundbase!
Brent´s Turrican Forever
Brent made a video of his newly coded water shader.

The Video got sadly already removed be Brent.
Turrican - Manfred Trenz Limited Edition Shirt
A while ago, I found a small online shop offering shirts auf Turrican and Katakis in a "Manfred Trenz Limited Edition", which "were developed in cooperation with Manfred Trenz".

I wondered what that meant and asked. Here is the answer of the shops owner and designer "Mr. Nerd":

When having visited the "Symphonic Shades" (Chris Huelsbeck) Orchestra in Cologne I had recognized several people wearing pretty simple but also pretty cool shirts showing lines of code, computer screens or game cites.
This had brought me to the idea of self developing similar shirts for myself which I had kind of forgotten when having been back into daily routine.
Then, in midth of 2010, when flicking through a friend's "Retrogamer" magazines, the idea came back to my mind. I wanted my own shirts. And if somebody likes the designs he should be able to have one, too. My interests were and are none commercial. I simply wanted to offer "Share Wear": shirts for computer and game freaks and not getting rich. :)
So after having ordered books with titles like "The ultimate history of video games", "Spielkonsolen und Heimcomputer" and "Das grosse Lexikon der Computerspiele" the idea became reality. I've noted down some game cites, motives, computer and game pioneers and started to create some raw designs to make my idea more visual. When having visited some arcades, observing two original Nintendo coin ops and flicking through more "Retrogamer" mags I finally was sure what to design.
So the first categories with the appropriate motives had come to live. And while playing some games on my old AMIGA and flicking through "Das grosse Lexikon der Computerspiele" I'd said to myself: "Yes ! Those guys have stolen a lot of my time, because off me having played their damn good games! So not only games and cites are worth their own motives but even more the people behind all that !"
And so I'd reflected which games were and are favorites and the most known and remembered ones. The list became pretty long, but one of the top most titles was: "Turrican". Turrican means among other things: Manfred Trenz.
So for me it was clear: the next design MUST be dedicated to Turrican and to Manfred Trenz. Since my idea was to dedicate designs to the pioneers I thought of making Trenz the first one in the list. And to make the "Manfred Trenz" edition even more special I decided to make it a "Manfred Trenz Limited Edition", showing two well known - or the most known - games of Trenz: Turrican and Katakis. And so I'd contacted Manfred Trenz and told him about my idea. Trenz liked it and gave me his ok. To fully honor him I didn't want to only create the designs and publish them but to let him view them and make proposals concerning design changes.
After having found and finished the final designs of "Turrican" and "Katakis" they went online and are now ready to be printed.
And - naturally - the first shirts were printed for Manfred before the Limited Collection went online.

Thanks to this little cooperation and to Manfred Trenz I'm pleased to offer the shirts to Trenz- and Turrican- as well as to Katakis-Fans.

The shop is located at http://www.nerd-blog.de/.
Turrican forever still in development!

(The Turrican-clone, not to be confused whith Robert´s Turrican Forever-Website ;) )

Some person, back in 2008 under the Nick "Brent McGuire" worked on a promising Turrican Clone, worktitled "Turrican Forever".

Nothing was heard of it until I received an email this week, announcing that it is still in development and there will be a fully playable demo, presumably this june!

Some facts:
  • The engine now runs at 60hz with Direct-3d-Support, large levels would be no problem
  • The resolution is still 512x288 / 16:9 format, he wants to make the viewport not to large to stay true to the original
Since he is quite overloaded with work, he currently seeks help with reworking the graphics out of Amiga-Turrican 1 and a Turrican 3-Logo redone as WMF-vectorgraphic, without the "3".

He also is looking for tiles and sprites from Turrican 3 PC, which was never released.

If you can offer some help, best post in in the Turrican Forever thread!
New Turrican 3d Videos
AllVision, the company which once worked on Turrican 3d with Manfred Trenz until the development got stopped, has now released some videos showing yet unreleased rendered footage at their youtube channel!

Thanks to Marc for the Tip! :)
Katakis 2 Updates
Katakis 2 Trailer:

Katakis 2 Trailer, presented at the Revision 2011 Demoparty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08VCnvq8VlU

Katakis 2 3d-Editor Screenshots:

Btw., also check out Thomas "Turri" Schreiters (who did the great graphics for Hurrican) Homepage for some cool Hurrican-Pictures: http://www.turri3d.de/. And also, Jaques Roque is out, graphics were also done bei him.
The NG:DEV.Team, which already released Last Hope - Pink Bullets, announced a "Eurostyle Platformer" for Dreamcast and NEO-GEO which first look promising similar to Turrican.

As stated on Twitter:
"Gun Lord will be a 8-way scrolling platformer like Turrican and Metroid and no linear run n gun."

Added to the SETA under-development-Section!

Get some more screenshots, a nice background-artwork and a sample music-Track at gun-lord.com/!
Turrican C64 Levelmaps
Selmiak and Andreas Goller mapped some Turrican 1 C64-levels, get them at Selmiaks Homepage .
Katakis Poster
In issue 6/ Winter 2011, the german 8-Bit-retro-magazine RETURN featured a review for Manfred Trenz C64-Game Katakis, including a special designed Artwork-Poster, licenced by Manfred Trenz himself.

Poster and Magazine can be ordered online at return-magazin.de.
Chris Huelsbeck Webradio-Interview
ICO-Radio, a german Webradio about Game-Soundtracks, did an Interview with Chris Huelsbeck, including two Tracks out of the official Turrican Soundtrack.

Listen to it online at:
Amiga Immortal 4 released!
The Amiga Immortal 4 CD can now be ordered and will be shipped 11. April!

Show your support and get your copy at MAZ-Sound:

The tracklist includes new arranged Titles as "Turrican 2 "Desert Rocks", Lemmings, "Jaguar XJ220 "Moody Breeze", Paradroid 90, Wolfchild, Flashback, Final Fight "Lost In Time", First Samurai or Wing Commander, a total of 35 titles.
As always, most titles got rearranged by their original musicians. More (and english) infos at http://www.amiga-immortal.com/.
Jonny Rumble
I´ve got a friendly permission from Orangepixel to host the full versions of Johnny Rumble 1 + 2! Get them at the bonusfiles!

rumblebanner.png, 89kB
SETA Update
Added a new game to the SETA: Gunforce. Also added a trainer for Dex Turrican Funeral, thanks to besevenghi for the tips.
New T2002-Level
Get RuvF´s new T2002-Level "Scrapyard", based on the Turrican 3 scrapyard, at the Levelbase. Or via T-Starter.
Manfred Trenz now owns Turrican word mark
The word mark Turrican was registered to Softgold until 31.12.2010, after it expired, Manfred Trenz registered it at 13.01.2011 (see dpma.de)!

The international trademark is still registered to the now insolvent Factor 5 llc corp. (see TESS). The german branch, Factor 5 GmbH also is closed since 19.01.2011, see handelsregisterbekanntmachungen.de.
Katakis 2 Sound & Screenshot
Markus Siebold uploaded two short samples of the Katakis 2 Soundtrack, get them as long as they are online:

Also, I have spotted a first screenshot at the Retro-Magazins Facebook-page!

Update: two new Screenshots!
Screen 1
Screen 2

Update 2: two new MP3s!

Update 3: a new MP3!

Update 4: a new MP3!

Update 5: a new MP3!

Katakis 2 more information
The music will be done by Markus Siebold, news will be released at www.katakis2.de, also, musical excerpts may be released at www.siebold.org.

Katakis 2 will be financed completely private, so they can need any promotion.

Please spread the word!
Katakis 2 in active development
As Markus Siebold, music artist of the Turrican 2 C64 Soundtrack, just mailed me, Katakis 2 (for PC/Windows) is now in active development!

We could expect some news soon, I guess at Manfred Trenz´ Homepage Denaris Entertainment Software.
Turrican SETA Reconstruction complete!
Since huge parts of this site were about 10 years old, I have rewritten huge parts of the site:

  • The frameset with music got removed, mp3 player as replacement is now available, see under left menu
  • The Menu got changed
  • Added new games to the SETA
  • Turrican Games, Clones and SETA are no longer static HTML-Pages, but database-driven and so easier to maintain. Also added embedded videos for all games, where available
  • Restructured Information and Download-Pages
  • Large parts of the HTML-Structure rewritten
  • Finally fixed the Secret Bonus (it´s hidden on every page, ever noticed it? :) )

If you notice anything which is now broken, please post it in the Forum, thanks!
Ragazzi Video
Thanks to Manfred J. Heinze from textlab.de, I´ve just uploaded a slightly better Version of the RTL/Ragazzi-Video about Rainbow Arts, containing Turrican-Game-testing and Chris Huelsbeck at work.

Sadly he did not have the original material, since he wrote and edited the film, but someone else filmed it. Maybe it still exists in some RTL-Archive.

Get it here.
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