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Retro Pedro  - 18.09.2023 - 17:35
Does someone know this video? good work, I think so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e2perjkl7U&t=959s.
snajper  - 11.09.2023 - 23:16
not that I expected something different...
snajper  - 11.09.2023 - 23:14
his fb: "I have chosen to create and develop exclusively original games, abandoning the Fan Games. I deleted the Turrican project... I regret it for the Turrican fans".
Bernd   - 11.09.2023 - 17:43
Eleventh Pixel Turrican Project is dead ????
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Sebuke seems also to be working on a Turrican inspired game named "Hideican". There´s nothing playable to download yet, but there are two screens to view, and as he writes 4 Levels are already finished.

One thing for sure: it will have good music ;)

Get the screenshots at his Homepage.
New song by Sebuko in the Soundbase
Sebuko contributed another song, "Hideican-Flight", which was thought for a flight level in Turrican 4. Get it, as always, in the Soundbase.
Hurrican News
Again one level is finished betatesting, and the Pokes are proceeding to the next one.

Get some shots of the now finished Temple-Level here
Factor 5 News
In the popular german magazine "Spiegel" (# 10/2005) there´s an Interview with Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5. It can also be read online, but costs 50ct. The Topic ist "Spieleentwickler Julian Eggebrecht über Videospiele für Erwachsene, die Gefährdung von Jugendlichen, lebensechte Abenteuer und die Liebe im virtuellen Raum" (Game Developer Julian Eggebrecht about videogames for adults, the endangering of teenagers, realistic Adventures and the love in the virtual reality.)

Interesting: in May 2002 they already had an interview with him, see: www.amiga-news.de
Turrican mp3´s by Andre Neumann
Thanks to Aky, who cantacted him, we now may present you three fresh mp3-Remixes in the Soundbase.

These were created by Andre Neumann, who has some more remixes from other C64 and Amiga games at his homepage (as well as "normal" music ;) ).
New Hurrican Shots
There are new shots of Hurrican available, this time the Jungle Level is getting Beta-tested. This is going to be the first Level (beside the tutorial) in Hurrican.
Even more Super Turrican mp3s
On request I have now added even more Super Turrican mp3´s.

Get them here.
Vintage glamrock version of the Turrican 1 Title
Added a vintage glamrock version of the Turrican 1 Title to the Soundbase.

If you wonder about the guitar becoming a bit disharmonic later on:
The disharmonics should display the feel of the exhausted guitarplayer near the end of the song.

For the interested: It was played on a Clavia Module. Done by Bram van der Poel, thanks!
Hurrican Beta
The Betatest of the first Level (Turorial) is finished!

Coming up next is the Jungle-Level.

Get screenshots at http://www.poke53280.de.
T2002 Level Contest
Now, after the T2002 Level Contest entry deadline is a while ago, you can vote which T2002-Levels you like best!

I´ll leave the vote open for a while until we have a clear winner.
Super Turrican mp3s
Often requested, finally online:
a selection of the best songs of Super Turrican 1 + 2 (SNES) in mp3-format.

Much more fun to hear, because the original spc-Format didn´t have an end - and so the songs usually looped endless.

Get them, as usual, at the Bonusfiles.

As nearly all mp3s here, the files are hosted at Robert Konrads Turrican Forever Fanpage.
more Cell Phone Turrican
As Gregg Nolan, Associate Brand Manager at THQ Wireless told me, they are developing another Turrican for cell-phones. It should be available late summer 2005 on all major carriers.

The pictures I got look like Turrican 2004 from the Siemens M65.
Turrican Ads
Added some ads of Turrican 1 & 2.

Thanks to Gerald M.-B. for the Turrican 2 Ad!
Turrican III Development Diary
Torsten Giebl has eliminated quite a few misspellings in the Turrican III Development Diary.
Hurrican Beta!
The Poke´s announced that Hurrican ist now going to be beta-tested. This means every level gets tested and finished, one after another, and if we are lucky they even release some screenshots everytime a level is done. I guess this will still take some month, finishing includes a lot of work, e.g. adding missing boss-monsters.
Turrican Music Disk by Andromeda
If you have WinUAE installed, you may want to have a look at the Turrican Music Disk by Andromeda, which I found at pouet.net.

It features a nice menu and all songs of Turrican 1 + 2 on one disk.

Update: and if you also have a C64-Emulator ready, have a look at 1.67 Years by The Obsessed Maniacs, there are some short and bloody appearances of Turrican, as well as good Turrican-style sid-music. Don´t miss the end!
The Wall mp3 Remake in the Soundbase
Just uploaded another nice remake by Dish to the Turrican Soundbase, The Wall. It even loops fine!
New GGT Demo
Martin Konrad released a new demo level of GGT (Turrican for Sega Gamegear!), get it at www.smspower.org/ggt. He recommends to play it with the Emulator Emukon.

It features a new level, stage 1.1 (the old demo was stage 1.2), new, more detailled grapics and, as usual, a quite hard gameplay.

If I keep in mind, that a Gamegear has only 8 kByte RAM and a Zilog Z80 (8-bit) processor running at 3.58 MHz, I am technically deeply impressed . And the gameplay feels just like Turrican.
New mp3s in the Soundbase
There are 3 new mp3s in the Turrican Soundbase:
T1 Title by dish - Remake of the Turrican 1 title
D353rt!! by dish - the desert rocks Remake
Virtua Orchestra by Sebuko - is thought as a prologue/intro Song for Turrican 4

Thanks a lot!
Time for merry christmas and a happy new year!

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