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Retro Pedro  - 18.09.2023 - 17:35
Does someone know this video? good work, I think so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e2perjkl7U&t=959s.
snajper  - 11.09.2023 - 23:16
not that I expected something different...
snajper  - 11.09.2023 - 23:14
his fb: "I have chosen to create and develop exclusively original games, abandoning the Fan Games. I deleted the Turrican project... I regret it for the Turrican fans".
Bernd   - 11.09.2023 - 17:43
Eleventh Pixel Turrican Project is dead ????
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A Deep Dive into Turrican Oddities
Luna Morley extensively reviewed some of the more obscure Turrican Versions and spinoffs and even bought an Siemens M65 phone for that. Did anyone else really play that through, I mean, seriously? :)

And if anyone has insights on the making of "Apocalypse 3000", please let us all know!

"Last year, we covered the Amiga games, console sequels by Factor 5, and the recent collections for modern consoles. Now let's cover...everything else. Get strapped in because there's a lot to go through and things might get weird."
Project T.U.R.R.I.K.A.N. by finnish developer Ari Liukkonen is looking for new members to join the team.

  • Code Unreal Engine 5
  • Sounds
  • Visual effects
  • Music

See Facebook for a gameplay-video and a playable beta-demo!

T.U.R.R.I.K.A.N. at Facebook
Turrican by Eleventh Pixel
At https://eleventhpixel.itch.io/turrican-4 a Pixel artist named Eleventh Pixel is working on a free Turrican-game using a codeless game-engine.

Not much to see so far, but nice titlescreen so far :)

Thanks to Bernd for the tip :)
New Huelsbeck Albums
Chris Huelsbeck has released two new albums:

Tiny Thor
Dressed to Chill

The Tiny Thor soundtrack contains some nice reminiscences to Turrican and Giana Sisters (and other things I might have overheard), see if you can spot them, too ;).
If you haven´t seen Tiny Thor yet, check it out, it´s a retro themed jump´n´run with graphics made by Henk Nieborg and was created by Jochen Heizmann, which also was active in the amiga scene.

Tiny Thor on GOG
Turrivania released
Łukasz Maniewski T2002-Levelpack is released!

Best get it using T-Starter, but first get T2002 here -> T2002-all-included.zip!
WIP-Shot of Ravenlordess new Turrican suit
Here a WIP-shot of Turrican-suit number 3. Roughly 50% done but not yet painted.
Turrican Cosplay by Ravenlordess
A while ago I contacted cosplayer Ravenlordess, which does some amazing Turrican cosplay, if she could send me some pictures so I could add them to the bonusfiles.

So she did and after sleeping on my harddrive for I year I finally managed to put together a new subpage, including a short chat, enjoy!
Especially check out the video at the bottom!

A third Turrican suit is in the making, so please support and motivate her at the platform of your choice.


Post from Willi Bäcker, Factor 5 @EAB:

"If any of you are at gamescom in Cologne this year, you are welcome to visit us in the retro area in Hall 10.2. Almost the entire Factor 5 team is on site."

(Picture is from 2022, from left to right: Achim Moller, Frank Matzke, Rudolf Stember, Willi Bäcker, Chris Hülsbeck)

Anyone here visiting the Gamescom this year? :)

EAB Thread
Turrivania nearly finished
Łukasz Maniewski´s Turrivania, a T2002X Levelpack based upon Lionheart, Ruff 'n' Tumble and Castlevania is nearly finished and will be released the following week.

Sadly, he says it will be his final levelpack.
Turrican for MSX new WIP
Turrican for MSX is making progress, the author asks to support him by subscribing to his youtube-channel, so, please subscribe :) Even Willi Bäcker from Factor 5 commented on the EAB-thread, nice:
Pixelbeschallung Podcast - Hinter dir, ein dreiköpfiger Morgul!
Pixelbeschallung, a retrogaming-podcast from Austria, has released a rather amusing episode about Turrican. Enjoy! (german only, sorry...)

Turrican 2 AGA (PC-DOS conversion) released
The Turrican 2 PC/Dos to Amiga/AGA-Conversion is released, what a nice christmas present! :)

Download: https://sonicslothgames.itch.io/turrican2aga
More Info: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=112916
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to you all!

Whisper in Turrican II
Furrican the Wolf released a game called "Whisper in Turrican II", where you can play Whisper, which is a sonic/Sega-Character in Turrican 2. The game itself is based on a scratch-version of Turrican II.



Original scratch-Game: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/174671513
Łukasz Maniewski is working on a new T2002-levalpack based on Lionheart and castlevania named Turrivania, some preview-images here:

Someone is working on a tiny Turrican-port for Pico-8, Picocan.

See https://twitter.com/PeaksEGA/status/1582796938142830592 for more.
Atmosphere Album Crowdfunding Campaign by Kordian Więcek
Kordian, who brought you the epic Dueling Pianos: Turrican Piano-Arrangement, has a croundfunding-campaign for a (not Turrican-related) Piano-CD:

"After long work and 2 albums I'm starting a crowdfunding campaign to produce an album with my songs. The videos I uploaded earlier pretty much reflect my taste in music, however this is not a classical music album. I would like the whole thing as an ambient music with different influences, e.g. describe Japanese composers. You will find a lot of information on the Startnext campaign, otherwise post your questions.

I would appreciate your support so that we can join this musical journey together. Only digital download for international backers"

Sounds wonderful so far, plus the album gehts mastered by Markus Kludzuweit, who also made the "The Settlers"-Amiga-soundtrack, which is surprisingly complex and also got covered by Kordian.

But hurry, only 6 days left to give a fellow turrican fan some support! Please help spread the word ;).

Mega Turrican STAGE 1-1 THEME - Metal Cover by ToxicxEternity
Snajper just made an one hour version of this very cool Mega Turrican STAGE 1-1 THEME - Metal Cover by ToxicxEternity :)
Turrican Freedom Cover by Michael Gibs
More Gibs:

https://soundcloud.com/michael-gibs (see here for version without glitch noise)

PS: is it just me or are the strings in the background somehow disharmonic @ 02:15? Great remix, as always from gibs, however :)
Turrican 2 PC as AGA Amiga update
"Another great Amiga update through Indie Retro News, as yet again Saberman was kind enough to contact us via Facebook, that Muzza has just released another update for the work in progress MS-DOS to Amiga conversion of the classic action shooter game Turrican II...."

More/Source: http://www.indieretronews.com/2022/04/turrican-2-as-work-in-progress-ms-dos.html
Even more details: EAB
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