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Retro Pedro  - 26.03.2023 - 21:30
Schön gemachter Rückblick, wenn auch etwas sehr subjektiv: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWh3uIvRMTU
t.r.schmidt  - 25.03.2023 - 16:57
Also somwhow taped together the old T2002-Board: http://www.nemmelheim.de/turrican/t2002board/
t.r.schmidt  - 25.03.2023 - 16:37
Blank page after posting comments fixed.
snajper  - 25.03.2023 - 15:50
LukHash has just released a short tribute to the Amiga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCLMmg8_zPQ tunes from several games can be heard, including Turrican (Desert Rocks)
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Have a close look at http://www.textlab.de/index.php/textlab/article/58/ for an old Episode of "Ragazzi", which includes some insight on Rainbow Arts, including Chris Huelsbeck at work.

I mailed textlabs if they could provide us a video in better quality.

Thanks to Gerald Müller-Bruhnke, webmaster of the fantastic Thalion Source for the hint!
Retro Snippets
A nice video-report about all Turrican parts and some fan-projects (german):
Turrican 2009 Metal Medley
Added a new Metal Remix, a great Medley done by XxDUSTYxX, get it at the Soundbase and rock! :)
New Magazine Articles
Two new articles are available at the bonusfiles:
ASM-Article about Manfred Trenz and Turrican 2
Interview with Factor 5 - "Wo bleibt Turrican 3?"

Thanks to Rainer Stöhr for the scans!
Chris Huelsbeck live on concert - on CD and via WebRadio!
At maz-sound.com you now can preorder one of the limited CDs from the upcoming live classical concert in cologne.

Also it will be broadcasted on (Web-)Radio WDR4, live at 23.08.2008 at 20:05 CET!

For more information visit symphonicshades.com.
Turrican Levelbase
I finally managed to include the new and fantastic Turrican Levelbase in the menu!

Just like the Turrican Soundbase, it is a joint project of Turrican Forever, Bronkos Turrican Page and the Turrican SETA.

And feel free to submit also Hurrican-Levels!
Turrican on the Wii
Super Turrican and Mega Turrican are now available for the Nintendo Wii Virtuel Console:
Super Turrican
Mega Turrican.

Thanks to Isaac (Contra), Andreas, Shea and some more for the Tip :)
Turrican Forever
A german with the nick Brent McGuire is developing a new Turrican-Clone named Turrican Forever, based on a new self-written engine. He aims to do something inbetween T2002 and Hurrican, it will be much like the first to Turrican-parts.

Graphically he wants to use tiles from Turrican 2 PC plus some reworked sets from Turrican 1 und Turrican 3, using modern alpha-channel effects. And he wants to set a high priority on dynamic and smooth movements, which seems to have succeeded, if you have a look at the video.

The engine itself is already 95% finished, and we may expect a demo level soon!

Chris Huelsbeck Radio Report
One for our french speaking gamers: Campus Toulouse 94 FM aired reports about Chris Huelsbeck, one part specific about Turrican: http://muzax.over-blog.com/article-7324085.html

Thanks again to Gerald from the great Thalion Source!
Symphonic Shades
On 23. August 2008 there will be two concerts by the WDR Rundfunkorchesters and WDR Rundfunkchors Köln in cologne, germany, playing various orchestral remade Tracks vom Chris Huelsbeck! Live!

Don´t forget to order a ticket, while they are available: http://www.symphonicshades.com/
Mr. Walker and his Factory Remix
Just uploaded a new Remix of Mr. Walker and his Factory to the Soundbase, send in by Chriz / Xtatica.

And the first one with complete vocals!

Additionally there´s a new mp3 by Lukasz, who mixed the Turrican 1 and X-Out World 3 tracks into one file (both have the identical tune, but slightly different instruments).
T2002 Levelpack
Daniel send me a new Levelpack für T2002: Walkers Revenge.

Get it at the T2002-Levels or with Roberts genuine T-Starter!
New Map JPG
Alper Alper submitted a complete JPG of Turrican 2 Level 1, get it at the bonusfiles.
Super Turrican for Wii Virtual Console
As it seems, Super Turrican will be released for the Wii Virtual Console, see gamingmedia.de or search esrb.org for "Turrican".

Thanks to Alexander Wilke for the Tip!
Sounds like Turrican
Added a new Mod to the Soundbase, "Sounds Like Turrican", created by Danny Mattissen ( Millennia Sound Lab ) in 1994!
Turrican 1 + 2 C64 Demos
Added Demos of Turrican 1+2 for C64 to the bonusfiles.

Thanks to iAN_CooG of HokutoForce for finding and to Davide for sending them!

If you lack a real C64, best play it with WinVICE, see readme for details.
New T2002-Level
Just uploaded a new T2002 Level, created by Daniel.

Get it at the T2002-Levels or with Roberts genuine T-Starter!
Factor 5 Interview
Julian Eggebrecht again mentioned Turrican in an Interview with gameplayer:

We are going back to the roots as well as stepping into 3D. With PlayStation Network and Virtual Console on the Wii there are many ways to get back into the retro aspect. At the same time there will be a big 3D newly envisioned ‘Turrican’ that hopefully the fans of the original can and will embrace as well as new fans.

I´m still sceptical if it will result in more then Thornado, but let´s wait and see.

Thanks to Alexander Wilke for the tip!
Poke Interview
Planet Freeplay had an interview with Poke53280 about Hurrican, read it here.

Interview with Factor 5 about Turrican
Gerald, Webmaster of the fantastic Thalion Source found an old Interview with Factor 5 about Turrican, while viewing his old VHS-Tapes. It´s from the 1990´s series "Telewischen" and was aired on "ORB".

Since he was so kind to send it to me, it´s now available at the bonusfiles!

Thanks to Gerald for the DVD and Robert for hosting the File!
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