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Retro Pedro  - 18.09.2023 - 17:35
Does someone know this video? good work, I think so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e2perjkl7U&t=959s.
snajper  - 11.09.2023 - 23:16
not that I expected something different...
snajper  - 11.09.2023 - 23:14
his fb: "I have chosen to create and develop exclusively original games, abandoning the Fan Games. I deleted the Turrican project... I regret it for the Turrican fans".
Bernd   - 11.09.2023 - 17:43
Eleventh Pixel Turrican Project is dead ????
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New Hurrican Shots
There are new screenshots of Hurrican at the Pokes Homepage, this time of the Ice-Level.
Visit Andre Neuman´s Homepage www.n-trax.de for a funny little Flashgame named Turriball (at the bottom) and while you are already there, have a close look at the left navigation, there is a nice preview Track named 'Turrican - Title Track "Work in progress" Amiga Remix'.
New Turrican 2 Remix
Get a fine new Remix of the Turrican 2 C64-Theme by Bitcrusher at the Turrican Soundbase.
Matthew Browns Turrican 3d
At http://www.turrican3d.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=7 you can find some pictures of Matthew Browns upcoming Turrican 3d, there also is a trailer at http://www.turrican3d.com/.
New T2002 Level: Tower of Morgul
From Lukasz Maniewski comes an inspired remake of the last level of Turrican 1 - the Tower of Morgul! Including Tileset and the original music.

Get it at the T2002-Bonuslevels.

And thanks to Robert, it´s now ready to run with the T2002-Starter!
More Turrican Metal by Baran Yasar
Get 3 Tracks (Scrapyard, Tracks, Turrican Theme) at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=230719 (requires free registration).

Feedback can be posted at http://revelation.forumup.com (Accounts are activated by hand, lasts a while).
Turrican Almanach
Domy is working on a multi-emulator-GUI with encyclopedic features for Windows. It´ll even have TFMX-backgroundmusic.

When finished, it should contain every Turrican version and fitting emulator, ready to run at the press of a button (excluding DOS, PC-Engine and M65 versions).

It will be about 10 MB in size.

Domy estimates, that it is 40% finished now, but he is also looking for reviews (in german so far, see screenshots) to every Turrican. So, if you are interested in writing one (ore more), mail to webmaster@nemmelheim.de, and I´ll forward to him.
New Hurrican Shots
And another Level gets betatested and finished at Hurrican, see some brand new screenshots oft the Tower Level at www.poke53280.de!
Turrican 1 Title - Metal Version
Finally get the full-lenght-Version of the Turrican 1 Title as a metal version played by Baran Yasar´s Band RevelatioN!

(see Clones -> Turrican FPS for more Info)

As usual at the Turrican Soundbase: Turrican3D - Turrican 1 Metal Theme

I still hope they release the other tracks as well (e.g. Scrapyard).
Duracell plays Turrican
Download a live-music-video of Andrew "Duracell" Dymond playing (or more drumming) Space Harrier and Turrican Level 1.2 live at http://andrediamant.free.fr/duracell.htm.
Machinae Supremacy Turrican 1 Metal-Medley
Download the new mp3 by Machinae Supremacy, which contains an awesome Turrican Metal-Medley at 10.23 at www.hubnester.com!

Thanks to pArker for the tip!
New T2002 Level by Bronko
Just uploaded Bronkos new T2002-Level, complete with new music by Ralph Weinert!

Get it at the T2002-Levelsection!
Turrican 3d & Turrican FPS
Matthew Brown is working on a Turrican 3d-Version, you can watch it progressing at turrican3d.com.

As he wants to produce a trailer for his game, he contacted Baran Yasar, who was working on Turrican FPS (see clones - and voila: theres a new heavy metal sample from Turrican FPS: www.freewebtown.com/icedturk/Turrican.mp3
And after recordings and gigs with his Bands, Baran wants to continue Turrican FPS.
Hurrican News
At The Poke´s Homepage, Eiswuxe announced that 2006 will definitly be the Hurrican-Year, and we won´t have to wait until end of the year.

The next level will be 'the Tower', so stay tuned there for screenshots and a new gameplay-video.
New T2002 Level by Bronko
Get Bronko´s new level for T2002, "Bronkos-Fabrik_Bronko" at the top of the additional T2002 levels.

Or in case you use Roberts´ T2002-Starter - just click it.
Manfred Trenz Fanpage updated!
Ram-Brand´s Manfred Trenz Fanpage got it´s long awaited update, have a look at: http://www.mt-fanpage.de/

For all who didn´t know: Manfred "The Master" Trenz is Turricans creator.
Hurrican for Linux
Hurrican seems to run fine under linux using the windows-emulator "Cedega", after the release the Pokes will also test other emulators.

And there are awesome new screenshots of the spider-factory-level at http://www.poke53280.de.
Tristar Retrodisc
At www.pouet.net you can find a nice Retro-Musicdisc by Tristar, which is actually a windows executeable with a nice Turrican 1-style interface that plays 6 Turrrican 2 music tracks. Thanks to Gajin for the link!
When Dreams come true...
Just if you think it can´t get better anymore:

Download the new Hurrican Surprise Video at www.poke53280.de and be surprised about a new, very special, feature you ever dreamed of!
Cypherians Systems
Unbelievable but true:

Cypherians Systems got released!

I only had time for a quick look, but it seems to feature real good music, nice gfx and parallax-backgrounds.

But keep in mind, it´s still a beta version and has some bugs, e.g. sometimes shots are not visible, and it runs quite a good bit too fast on my 2,4Ghz Celeron.

Download it at http://www.geocities.com/banq_it.
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