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The Nate  - 21.10.2021 - 00:49
I can't find the issue itself anymore, but I do have this screencap of the part where they stated that https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/756857256666071091/758468323259711558/unknown.png?width=249&height=676
The Nate  - 21.10.2021 - 00:48
An interview with Factor 5 in one issue of EDGE stated that they wanted to port T1 and T2 themselves, but Rainbow Arts gave the license to Accolade instead
The Nate  - 21.10.2021 - 00:47
Rather awful, with no proper NTSC mode, lame music, and the player takes four times as much damage for some reason
The Nate  - 21.10.2021 - 00:46
Yeah, that's one of the ports outsourced to The Code Monkeys (they also did the TG-16 and Game Boy ports)
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T2002 Levels
There are two new T2002-Levels online, an Update for Bronkos Underearth and a Demolevel of Lukasz Morgul Returns. Get both at the Bonusfiles.
T-All Video
Get an over 7-minute long preview Video of T-All here. The levels look well designed and authentic, and like a lot of fun!
Turrican 1 and 2 CDTV information page
Erkan Orhun has put up a little site about Turrican 2 CDTV, visit it at http://www.erkan.se/sites/turrican_cdtv/index.htm.
Turrican PSP Level 2 Demo
Arguru has released a new demo of his PSP-Turrican. New features include Weather effects, Intro-/Title-Sequence, new enemies and a boss.

Download it at PSP 3d-com.

Thanks to Mike for the hint!
T-All Homepage
Get Infos on the upcoming T2002-Levelpack T-All at http://www.t-all.de.vu/.
More Makers
Added a huge picture of Factor 5 to the bonusfiles, and further completed the Makers-Section, only three pictures are still missing now.

Thanks to Nils Meier for the picture!
Turrican PSP Alpha Released
Arguru released a playable but not finished Alpha version of Turrican for Playstation Portable (PSP), download it at pspupdates.qj.net.

Thanks to MoMo for the tip!
Japanese Super Turrican Manual
Thanks to Slayer who once outbid us all at ebay, scans of the rare japanese version of Super Turrican are available at the bonusfiles.
T2002 Levels by Lukasz Maniewski
Lukasz Maniewski is working on a whole new set of Levels for T2002, and is looking for a musician. See some Screenshots at Bronkos Turrican Page.
If you already haven´t, take a look at Bronko´s Gyroturrican II and navigate Turrican (in wheel-form) through this flash-game. Plays a bit like Marble Madness.
Johnny Rumble
Not officially Turrican, but looks very familiar:
Orange.Pixel developed two Handygames named "Johnny Rumble", that look much like Turrican.

PC-Enginge / TurboGrafx Manual
Available now as PDF, at the bonusfiles. Thanks to Gerald M.B. of the Thalion Source!

Also available now are scans of the Super Turrican NES-Manual, also at the bonusfiles. Thanks to Robert!
Immortal 3 is out!
Who could remake soundtracks of amiga-games better then the original musician? This is what has been done by Jan Zottmann after nearly 3 years of work, on the Amiga Immortal 3 Album. The quality is great, as expected, and it this time it comes on 2 CDs, with 35 Tracks.

And this includes two Turrican tracks, arranged by Chris Huelsbeck himself and an orchestral Version of Apidya (as we know it from the Games Convention!), as well as Katakis.

-cd 1-
Apidya "Suite"
Gods "Into The Wonderful"
Theatre of Death
Ghouls´n Ghosts
Turrican 2
Turrican 3
Fire & Ice
Pinball Dreams
Disposable Hero
The Chaos Engine
Death Mask "Something Evil"
Defender of the Crown "Castlekeep"
Lotus 3: The Ultima Challenge
The Plague
Alien Breed

-cd 2-
Wings of Death
No Second Price
Speedball 2
Shadow of the Beast 2
Uridium 2
Pinball Fantasies
Obsession "Desert Run"
Super Cars 2

The CD was mastered in the same studio as was the original Turrican Soundtrack in 1993.

More Infos at amiga-immortal.com/, or directly buy it at synSONIQ.
The Great Bath
Get a new, classical, remake of the Great Bath at the Soundbase: The Great Bath - Blue Sky from D.A.Wilson. Currently rank 5 in the Amiga-Remix Charts.
New Hurrican Shots
There are new screenshots of Hurrican at the Pokes Homepage, this time of the Ice-Level.
Visit Andre Neuman´s Homepage www.n-trax.de for a funny little Flashgame named Turriball (at the bottom) and while you are already there, have a close look at the left navigation, there is a nice preview Track named 'Turrican - Title Track "Work in progress" Amiga Remix'.
New Turrican 2 Remix
Get a fine new Remix of the Turrican 2 C64-Theme by Bitcrusher at the Turrican Soundbase.
Matthew Browns Turrican 3d
At http://www.turrican3d.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?t=7 you can find some pictures of Matthew Browns upcoming Turrican 3d, there also is a trailer at http://www.turrican3d.com/.
New T2002 Level: Tower of Morgul
From Lukasz Maniewski comes an inspired remake of the last level of Turrican 1 - the Tower of Morgul! Including Tileset and the original music.

Get it at the T2002-Bonuslevels.

And thanks to Robert, it´s now ready to run with the T2002-Starter!
More Turrican Metal by Baran Yasar
Get 3 Tracks (Scrapyard, Tracks, Turrican Theme) at http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=230719 (requires free registration).

Feedback can be posted at http://revelation.forumup.com (Accounts are activated by hand, lasts a while).
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