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snajper  - 19.11.2022 - 20:40
"Turrican XCE w. Fig.: Shipping starts 26. May 2023". F*** you Shitty Limited Games.
snajper  - 11.11.2022 - 03:52
new version of MSX Turrican WIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMveUP6z2ao
Robert  - 04.11.2022 - 00:36
You always do
Lukasz  - 03.11.2022 - 20:54
Guess i will just take a chance. For Turrican!!
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Apocalypse 3000
Beside the cruel name, Apocalypse 3000 looks like Mega Turrican - for Handys, in Java!
Rumours say, it at least plays better then the official Turrican for Siemens Handys. I can´t spot the THQ-logo anywhere, but it´s developer, Ojom, already published Denaris at THQ.

I´ll try to test it soon.
Denaris and Katakis trademark
Shortly after Manfred Trenz announced he´d develop a new Katakis for several Systems, Factor 5 registered the trademarks Katakis and Denaris in the US (at October 22, 2004).
Now, at 03.11.2004, there was a news at Manfred´s Denaris Software:
"Katakis 2 will be developed by Denaris Entertainment Software and Smash Designs only. No other developers are involved in any way. Any information stating this is wrong."
Some more screenshots of the hero and some more sketches of the scenery at the Windstille Homepage.
The Master´s Homepage
Manfred "the Master" Trenz, the creator of Turrican, now has two homepages (beside RAM-Brands great Manfred Trenz Fanpage):
http://www.targamt.de/( <---Targa was another name for his game "Rendering Ranger" + MT ;)

Denarisoftware will be developing a new Katakis if everything goes right!
Thanks to Carlo Savorelli, once again, there´s a new game in the SETA: Alisia Dragoon. It looks and plays nicely, the only thing I personally don´t like is that the enemies respawn quite fast.
With two brand new and interesting T2002-Levels (bigworld.exe by Christian Werdehausen and T-Rmx.exe by Psykko666) I declare the T2002 Level-Contest for opened. You have still time until end of the year to do some great levels and send them to webmaster@nemmelheim.de, everything is allowed as long as it runs with T2002, so best make or get some new tilesets.

A special site and of course a voting-highscore will follow until then. Btw, Tutorials and FAQs on how to make T2002 Levels are still very welcome.
Is making progress. It´s now being worked at the Snow and Alien-Levels and some really nice special effects.
Is still being worked on, but nothing playable yet. If we are lucky then Shezzor, who did the little Blitz-Basic-Turrican-Clone joins the team, then it´s not far to a playable level.
There are some new Artworks and a video of OpenGL-SL-Effects that may be used in the game. And hey, the hero is a girl ^^.
Turrican 3d Modelling Contest
I received no results so far, but it´s still time to talk about it at some more boards, so more people hear of it. A good example (in german) is here. So please help to make some noise :)
Smash Design´s Turrican 3 v1.1
AEG released Version 1.1 of Turrican 3, he fixed and improved quite a lot of things. Get it as usual at www.smash-designs.de.
A real box for Turrican 3 C64!
Can it get better? Yes, it can:
Get it, print it, and glue it on a fitting box.
Even a sticker for the Disk is inluded!

Btw, if anybody plans a similar box for his game: contact the V-Concept, they want to do more of this :)
Turrican 3d Modelling Contest
Make a 3d-Model of Turrican, get famous and win Unreal Tournament 2004, friendly sponsonerd by timeplay.net.
Read much more here!
Factor 5 site update
After years factor5.com got updated - and the good news is, Thornado is still there, as active project.
Hurrican @ Giga TV
Get a video of Eiswuxe (and other Pokes) at Giga-TV, presenting the Dusmania, and showing a bit of Hurrican!
Download it at dusmania.spieleentwickler.org (Thanks Puma!).
A real box for Smash´s Turrican 3
"V" Verena und "M-ForceR" of the group "the V-Concept" are working on a Box for Smash´s Turrican 3, complete to fold. The front is finished and looks promising, now he´s working on the back. It will be done just like the classic boxes. Just in case AEG is reading this: he could need some data for the back :)
New Hurrican Shots
At The Poke´s Homepage, there are some cool Screenshots of Hurrican, this time of the Ice-Level. The tileset of the Ice-Level was done completly new since the Preview Version.
How to play C64 without a C64
And for all who don´t own a C64 anymore and are not so used to emulation, I just wrote a small tutorial on how to get Smash´s Turrican (or any other C64 Turrican) running.
Smash Design´s Turrican 3 released
Turrican 3 was released at the Evoke Party 2004, download your copy here!

And don´t forget to also download the (seperate) Intro-Animation Return of Darkness!

PS: for all who are interested in Katakis and Manfred Trenz, read the news at Smash-Design!
PPS: want to be the hero of the day? The first one who completes T3 and sends me a screenshot of the extro will be posted here in the news :D
Daniel Illgen is Hero of the Day, he completed T3 only few hours after the release. Second Hero ist Biguser Stefan Gutsch. Respect!
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