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RagingRowen  - 21.05.2024 - 17:18
Not those. I mean I recall seeing enemy and boss sprites that were akin to the style of Turrican 2 on PC.
snajper  - 19.05.2024 - 11:49
you're talking about this? https://archive.org/details/Turrican3PaymentDay_1020
RagingRowen  - 12.05.2024 - 01:11
Hey. I could've sworn there was sprites for made for an unreleased Turrican 3 PC port, but I couldn't find them. Does anyone still have the link to them?
Aky  - 21.04.2024 - 19:04
Full SNES-Game...brings back some memories...
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  news/06 - 3d artwork.jpg08.03.2018
A Tribute to Chris Hülsbeck
A few days ago, on March 2nd, Chris Huelsbeck had his 50 Birthday, happy Birthday Chris and thanks for all the music! :)

To celebrate this, the collective known as "German Remix Group" released a Tribute CD full of Huelsbeck remixes.


Turrican 2 ⋅ The Final Challenge (Dr.Future Remix)
Jim Power in Mutant Planet ⋅ Level 3: Mutant's Forest (CZ-Tunes Remix)
Danger Freak (SigmaZeven Remix)
Dreamy Bells ⋅ subtune 1 (Snake-TMF Remix)
Turrican 2 ⋅ The Great Bath (Mitch van Hayden Opus Remix)
Turrican 1 ⋅ Outpost (Dr.Future Concert Hall Remix)
The Great Giana Sisters (CZ-Tunes Halloween Remix)
Turrican 2 ⋅ The Wall (Dr.Future Remix)
Bad Cat (SigmaZeven Remix)


Turrican Medley (SunSpire Remix)
X-Out - Loader (Mitch van Hayden Club House Remix)
Spherical ⋅ subtune 1 (Snake-TMF Remix)
Hard'n'Heavy ⋅ Highscore (CZ-Tunes Remix)
The Great Giana Sisters (SigmaZeven Remix)
Gem'X (Mitch van Hayden Celtic HipHop Remix)
Turrican 1 ⋅ Victory (Dr.Future Remix)
X-Out ⋅ Main Theme (CZ-Tunes Remix)
Turrican 2 ⋅ Secret Dungeons (Tronimal Remix)
BONUSTRACK: Chris Huelsbeck SID-Medley (by SigmaZeven)

Get it for free at https://www.germanremixgroup.de/
Tiny Thor
Jochen Heizmann (which I already knew as a composer from the Amiga Immortal CDs) is working on a Jump and Run called Tiny Thor.

It features graphics by pixel-god Henk Nieborg (Lionheart!) and music by Chris Huelsbeck!

"Tiny Thor is a classic Jump'n'Run that cleverly combines elements of action, puzzles and skill. The unique hammer-throwing action spellbinds players right from the start and acquires special superhuman abilities and upgrades as the game progresses."


Tiny Thor was created for Ludum Dare #28 in December 2013. A post-compo version with more versions followed for mobile platforms. Two years later Asylum Square revised the main character of the game and decided to do a brand new, much bigger game based around Tiny Thor.

  • 16-Bit pixel art by legendary Henk Nieborg
  • Soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck!
  • Throw the hammer to destroy enemies and surroundings!
  • Epic boss fights!
  • Collect jewels and coins!
  • Solve tricky multidimensional switch puzzles!
  • Callback your hammer with your magic gloves!
  • Use your magic belt to shoot plasma beams all around!
  • Explore four big worlds divided into 40 stages!
  • Lots of secrets to discover!

Amiga Joker Returns
There was a special edition of legendary german gaming magazine "Amiga Joker" released in 2017, which featured an interview with Factor 5 about achievements, piracy and comeback plans.

Master Boot Record / VirtuaVerse
I just found a little easteregg in Theta Division´s trailer for their cyberpunk-adventure game "VirtuaVerse", does this remind you of something? :)

The musician is "Master Boot Record", who also made damn fine synth-metal remix of the Turrican title (and quite a lot of other cool stuff).
 news/4-super nt sf_preview.jpg06.03.2018
Super Turrican - Directors Cut
Quite a little sensation, afters years we´re able to play a never before released directors cut of Super Turrican!

"What if one of the greatest run'n'gun games of all time was never released in its original developed form? In 1993, Factor 5 finished developing the complete Super Turrican for SNES, a 6Mbit title. Unfortunately the game had to be cut down by 33% to 4Mbits. 24 Years later, Super Turrican: Directors Cut is here - on the Super Nt. We're thrilled to preserve this piece of Super Nintendo history and include Super Turrican - Directors Cut digitally on each system. As a bonus, we've also included the original Super Turrican 2."

The directors cut includes a whole new level, a boss and a new use for the freeze beam. This version was once thought for the Wii´s virtual console but Nintento refused to publish it because it wasn´t commercially available previously.

It´s included on every "Analogue Super NT" console, even with a faux (the game is included in the console, not on a cartridge) Superturrican package Currently sold out, but they´re accepting preorders.

See the official (and very original) trailer here: https://vimeo.com/238547326

(Pre-)order here:

From finnish studio Housemarque, who even brought us Stardust on the Amiga or Resogun on the PS4, comes a quite Turrican-esque PS4 game named Matterfall.

With modern graphics, in 2,5d and chippy soundtrack by Ari Pulkkinen.
Last chance for Turrican - Orchestral Selections + New Amiga Album

Only 1.000$ of 85.000$ missing, 35 hours to go until Sunday, 18. June 2017 21:00 CEST.

Chris Huelsbeck wrote:
"Please support what I consider my last project with Turrican music for the time being, and please spread the word about Turrican - Orchestral Selections. "

Go reserve your copy :)

Factor 5 Turrican 2007 Prototype

Matthias Worch, Ex-Factor 5, now Design Director at Hangar 13, posted some cool concept art of a Turrican Prototype by Factor 5 on Twitter, including a cover art!

"In 2007 I got to head a Turrican reboot that sadly never shipped. It would have been a full 3D re-imagining for that generation of consoles.

Many talented people worked on it, for example @SeppoHelava, @corystrader and (of course!) @Chris_Huelsbeck. It would have been awesome.

We had a prototype that played well and luckily, some awesome concept art (all by Cory Straders) survives. So here we go with concept art!

Here's the poster for our new version of Turrican, with Bren McGuire and The Machine. (And yes, there would have been a Fist miniboss!)

Took two stabs at it: one in 04 that never got past concept, and one in 07 that got far enough into prepro to have various playable protos.

And four more Turrican gameplay concepts and environments. I loved the art style and gameplay, which was modernized arcade fun."


And Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5 tweeted:
"Of course we worked on one [prototype]. Several, actually. But the 2007 incarnation was really cool. Have to fire up that PS3 debug and play it ;) "

I wonder if we´ll at least see a video of it before it is lost forever...come on Julian! :)
Thanks to Mr. Noname for the Links!

Turrican - Orchestral Selections + New Amiga Album

A new Kickstarter by Chris Huelsbeck: Turrican - Orchestral Selections + New Amiga Album. The Idea of a virtual Turrican 4 Amiga-Soundtrack still sounds fabulous to me, go help fund it! :)

"A limited Collector’s Edition Box Set featuring new live orchestra recordings of music from Turrican 1, 2 & 3 + a new Bonus Amiga Album

After the smash success of last year's Turrican II - The Orchestral Album, we're proud to announce the final chapter in our quest to bring the music of Turrican to live orchestra!

Turrican - Orchestral Selections will feature brand new arrangements of music from Turrican 1, 2 and 3 as well as an exciting bonus album!

Turrican – Orchestral Selections will feature nearly an hour of completely new, never before heard, orchestral arrangements of some of the most popular pieces of music from Turrican 1, 2 & 3.

As part of the Turrican - Orchestral Selections Kickstarter, I will also produce a brand new soundtrack of music, a homage to the early 90s. Created with my classic sound tool TFMX and recorded on original Amiga hardware, this virtual Turrican 4 soundtrack will be my ultimate Thank you to my fans and a fitting tribute to a Turrican game that could have been!"


Die Amiga Story in german Television

ZDF-Info will release a video about our favourite computer (sorry, C64) on 27.04.2017, 10:00 (or live 20:15).

It seems to be a shortened, german version of FROM BEDROOMS TO BILLIONS: THE AMIGA YEARS and includes an interview with Factor 5´s Julian Eggebrecht.


DEFNDRS of the Universe by DEX

Dex, who brought us T4 Funeral, a Turrican-clone with complete new graphics, catchy music and levels (based on the T2002-Engine) in 2004 released his first album on bandcamp. It´s Synthwave/Outrun/Retrowave and retrogaming inspired, so have a look and buy it if you like it!

"I am mainly inspired by music from videogames, the 80s, synthesizers and cyberpunk. Most tracks were intended for unreleased prototype games I made with a friend. "

(ghosh I´d really like to play some of these with this music...)


I just added RSS-Feeds for the Turrican SETA news and (shoutbox-)comments (see left/bottom menu), please let me know if they work well with your newsreader.

Symphonic Selections Video Game Music

The Landesjugendorchester Sachsen will be performing Symphonic Selections in Leipzig and Dresden, with hits from composters like Nobuo Uematsu, Chris Hülsbeck and Jonne Valtonen.

The concert in Leipzig will be at 22.04. at Kunstkraftwerk, in Dresden at 23.04 at the HfM-Konzertsaal / Wettiner Platz. Tickets are available at Reservix.


  • Jonne Valtonen: In a Roundabout Way (Fanfare: Final Symphony II)
  • Martin Schjoler / Arr: Jonne Valtonen: Clash of Clans - Medley
  • Nobuo Uematsu / Arr: Jonne Valtonen: Blue Dragon - Waterside
  • Nobuo Uematsu / Arr: Roger Wanamo: Final Fantasy I-VI - Piano Concerto
  • Pause Chris Huelsbeck / Arr: Jonne Valtonen: Turrican II - Concerto for Laser and Enemies
  • Ari Pulkkinen, Salla Hakkola, Henri Sorvali / Arr: Jonne Valtonen: Angry Birds - Medley
  • Hiroki Kikuta / Arr: Jonne Valtonen: Secret of Mana
  • Nobuo Uematsu / Arr: Jonne Valtonen: Final Symphony - Final Fantasy VII Symphony, 3rd Movement
  • Encore: Chris Huelsbeck / Arr: Jonne Valtonen: The Great Giana Sisters - Suite


Orchestral Selections / Virtual Turrican 4 Soundtrack
Chris Hülsbeck plans another Turrican-Soundtrack-Project, Orchestral Selections.

What indeed excites me much is the announced kickstarter stretch-goal: He would create a virtual Turrican 4 soundtrack on his original Amiga-TFMX-Editor, just as a real Turrican 4 would have sounded back then.

Watch out for it on kickstarter or his homepage, http://www.huelsbeck.com/.

Thanks @ Bernd!
Video Game Music in Concert

Jonne Valtonen: Fanfare for the Common 8-bit Hero
Chris Huelsbeck: Turrican II - Concerto for Laser and Enemies
Nobuo Uematsu: Blue Dragon - Waterside
Ari Pulkkinen: Angry Birds Medley
Nobuo Uematsu: Final Fantasy VI - Symphonic Poem
Jonne Valtonen: Albion Online - Medley
Ari Pulkkinen: Super Stardust - Medley
Martin Schjøler: Clash of Clans
Chris Huelsbeck: Great Giana Sisters - Suite
Chris Huelsbeck: Turrican II - Freedom

Alternate link: http://www.br.de/mediathek/

thx @ parker

Factor 5 is back in business!
Julian Eggebrecht stated that Factor 5 is in existence again!

Quote (excerpt):
...seit wenigen Tagen ist beim Kölner Amtsgericht die Factor 5 GmbH wieder in Existenz, das heißt wir haben uns endlich mal unsere gesamten Trademark-Rechte und alle Geschichten konsolidiert und sowas. Und wie ich letztes Jahr glaube ich schon mal erwähnt hatte haben wir auch den gesamten... nicht nur unsere eigenen Spiele alle gekauft, praktisch die Rechte uns zurückgekauft, das was noch woanders war, sondern wir haben auch den gesamten Nachlass von Rainbow Arts und Softgold, den deutschen ..?... aus der THQ-Pleite raus gekauft, das heißt alles was mal bei Rainbow Arts gemacht wurde, jedes Fitzelchen Papier, Spiele, Sourcecode, alles ... und der Plan ist schon früher oder später das Ganze zu vermarkten und deswegen sehe ich zumindest mit nem lachenden Auge in Richtung, ja, jetzt könnte man demnächst auch mal was mit Turrican wieder machen, aber ich kann noch nichts Konkretes sagen.

Roughly: Since a few days Factor 5 is in existance again at the local court of Cologne. They bought all Rainbow-Arts/Softgold-rights and are thinking of making a new Turrican, but he cannot say anything concrete yet.

Source: Spieleveteranen Podcast
Thanks to Bernd for the tip! :)
16 Years of Turrican SETA
In two days Turrican SETA has it´s 16th birthday!

Especially if you consider that the last official Turrican game is now 21 years old, it was quite an eventfull year.

We had a new version of T2002, a Kickstarter for an orchestral Turrican album with lots of fine Turrican artwork and the Members of Factor 5 announced they still want to make a new Turrican (see below, "Stay Forever Podcast").

Turrican II – The Orchestral Album was even premiered live, in a concert hall in Bochum and there I finally got to meet some of my personal heroes & Amiga scene legends:
Lutz Osterkorn, Chris Hülsbeck, Willi Bäcker (and think I saw Rudolf Stember in die audience), Jan Zottmann and Fabian del Priore (whom I recognized afterwards, until then it seemed just a nice guy named Fabian).

It was a pleasure to meet them after the concert and to hear they know about my site, sadly there wasn´t much time to ask about some cool stories. But Willi promised they´d verfiy my data on my makers-page and so I received an email from Andreas Escher. Which I´ve still got to anwser (if your´re reading this: Sorry, I´m still considering what the hell I could ask/write, now that I have the opportunity ;).

So, again thanks to you all, especially to everyone who regularly posts in the shoutbox!

Note: sorry, xmas timeout, I´ll write some more tomorrow :)

Some Impressions from the Turrican II – The Orchestral Album premiere

New T2002 Levelpack Beast vs Universal Soldier
Lukasz Maniewski released his new, Shadow of the Beast themed T2002-Levelpack "Beast vs Universal Soldier", see the Turrican levelbase!

More Amiga-Piano music by Kordian Wiecek
Kordian Wiecek released some more videos of his fantastic Amiga-Piano Concert, see his youtube-channel. And he released piano-sheets!
Chris Huelsbeck / Turrican Concert in Bochum
This weekend (12.11.2016) the Turrican II Orchestral album selection is to be premiered live in Bochum!

Turrican, live, in a concert hall. With Chris Huelsbeck! Do I need to say more? Be there, there are still some tickets left!

More Infos:
Stay Forever Podcast / a new Turrican?
Stay Forever, a retro-gaming podcast made a very interesting episode about Turrican some months ago, featuring interviews with Factor 5´s Julian Eggebrecht.

Besides some historical things Julian stated:

"Als THQ pleite gegangen ist [...] nach langem hin und her haben wir dann mit der deutschen Factor 5 den kompletten Nachlass von Rainbow Arts und Softgold gekauft und die ganzen Trademarks dazu unter anderen natürlich auch Turrican und alles, die gehören heutzugage uns. Und die Intention ist das wir im Prinzip ne neue Rainbow Arts gründen und das wir an die Rainbow-Arts von der Factor 5 Seite auch die Turrican Lizenz geben. Manfrez [Trenz] ist auch an Bord, das heißt wenn wir was Neues machen würden mit Turrican dann hätte man auch wirklich alle miteinander, Chris Hülsbeck bedrängt mich schon [...], ich hoffe mal das wir später dieses Jahr mal endlich dazu kommen, aber wie gesagt, wir müssen es mal einfach auf die Reihe kriegen [...] Es ist nicht so leicht mal einfach nen Kickstartet zu machen und damit Geld einzusammeln [...] das geht leider nicht ganz so simpel."

Roughly translated: The german Factor 5 bought all trademarks from the bankcrupt THQ, including Turrican and they would like to make a new Turrican. Even Manfred Trenz would be on board and Chris Huelsbeck asks him when they´ll start every two weeks. But it wouln´t be as simple as making a kickstarter and collecting the money, the´ll just have find the time.

Personally, I´d surely be glad about a new Turrican but don´t have much hope at the moment. We´ve long waited for Factor 5´s Thornado and didn´t hear anything from Manfred Trenz for years.

And what would be the right way to to a modern Turrican these days anyway, something like Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams/Super Mario Bros?

I´d definitely prefer something more Metroidvania-Style like Axiom Verge, but well, that´s just my taste.

PS: Also listen to the other Stay Forever Episodes, they´re awesome (if you understand german...)
Park Cleaner
A while ago I got an email about a Turrican inspired, not being a clone or remake, game named "Park Cleaner". By now it´s finished, so have a look.

"Groups of BB (buggy bots) and SS (second hand systems) are darken the skies in the eastlands of the old classic park. Only the local gardener can save our culture now!

Park Cleaner is a platform game mockup with retro style. Become part of your ambient and a timeless monument in this by early Commodore Classics inspired metroidvania shooter.

Romans Website
Park Cleaner on itch.io
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