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t.r.schmidt  - 16.09.2021 - 19:32

Koren  - 16.09.2021 - 16:47
Since Wipeout is back from hell as a mobile card game, I had an idea… https://twitter.com/korenlesthe/status/1438513377312010249?s=21
Bren   - 10.09.2021 - 18:52
wer wollte eigentlich dieses Map Feature?
Bren   - 10.09.2021 - 18:52
Es nervt einfach nur,
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Super Metroidican
Lukasz has finished his Super Metroidican levelpack and it is looking and sounding awesome!

All hope lies on Robert to save the world and upload it to the T2002-Levelbase!

Edit: Super Metroidican is now available in the levelbase!

Best get it using T-Starter, but first get T2002 here -> T2002-all-included.zip!
Turrican 2 PC as AGA-Amiga Port
Someone really is porting the Turrican 2 MS-DOS-Version to AGA-Amigas!

Although noone likes the main sprite, technically very impressive! And there even is a demo available.
Edit: He´s even working on an option to switch the sprite, wow ;)!

"I've shared my work in progress conversion of MS-DOS Turrican 2 in the zone. This is basically the same as the Turrican 2 we know and love, but with more colours. This is a project I started initially to learn Amiga ASM, although much of it is written in C in the end. I also wanted to create an AGA game - something I couldn't do in AMOS back in the 90s.

It is only the first level, and various features are missing - most notably the bounce weapon does not bounce, there is no mid-level boss and the player cannot die. However most other features are working - even if many require extra polish. It requires Fast RAM to run at 50hz on an A1200. From testing I found it can run at 50hz on a base A1200 but only if I reduce the number of bitplanes. I may do this eventually, but for now I'd rather get it working without modifications to any of the source artwork. Currently it uses 8 bitplanes.

I've tested on my real A1200 with Blizzard 1220/4 plus various WinUAE configs, but as this is the first thing I've released on the Amiga in the last two decades there may be unknown compatibility problems. Please let me know if it has problems on your machine."

Read more @eab:
The inofficial Mega Drive Pixel book preorder
Looks like a nice pixel-art-book, including Mega Turrican and an interview with Factor-5-member Andreas Escher about his experiance with 16bit programming.

Vulcano - A Turrican SHMUP
Original Idea: A Turrican SHMUP, by Steevtee:

"A playthrough of the first stage of my WIP Shmup 'Vulcano', expanding on the 3 scrolling shoot 'em up stages from Turrican II."

No release date or demo yet:
"I do not know when I will finish it, it's an ongoing passion project. No demo yet either, but I'll let you know when I have one!"
Super Metroidican
Lukasz is working on a follow up to his T2002-Metroidican-Levelpacks:

Super Metroidican!

And currently he´s got the coronavirus, get well soon, Lukasz!

Here some fresh and crispy preview images for you!

Turrican Flashback
In case you have missed the Turrican Anthology by Stricly Limited Games or can´t wait until it gets delivered, there now is a cheaper alternative, Turrican Flashback.

It contains:
  • Turrican
  • Turrican II: The Final Fight
  • Mega Turrican
  • Super Turrican

And also features better controls and a rewind-feature.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas to you all!

Stay safe! :)

30 Years of Turrican - Announcement
Today! 20:00 CEST:


26. Aug.

Factor 5's #Turrican is finally back after 30 years of dormancy! #gamescom2020
#Turrican30th The pre-order will be announced during @gamescom
ONL - then immediately go live at our store.

Opening Night Live

Amiga Remix Update
New tracks released @ amigaremix.com!

This time including a nice cover auf Turrican II (The Final Fight) by Lolo from GP.


The Future of Turrican - 30 years of Turrican
In the german podcast "Spieleveteranen", Chris Hülsbeck, Holger Schmidt, Julian Eggebrecht and Thomas Engel announced, that now that Turrican is having his 30. anniversary, this year at the digital version of the Gamescom, they´ll most probably reveal something related to the future of Turrican!

They won´t tell more at the moment, but Chris stated that it will be something beautiful.

Thanks to Bernd and The Nate for the tips!

Link: http://www.spieleveteranen.de/archives/2836

Jump to 1:38 for the announcement.
Ultracore Release for PS4 and Switch
Ultracore is coming for PS4 and Switch, official release date 23.06.2020!
Turrican Bartop Arcade
pArker has build an impressive good looking Turrican Bartop Arcade, have a look at https://www.datistics.de/tag/bartop/ for a complete tutorial (german only, sorry).

What a wonderful design!
Lukasz T2002-Levelpack updates
And a little older (20.03.2020) but didn´t post as news yet: Lukasz updated most of his T2002-Levelpacks! Best use T-Starter to update all your levelpacks!

  • Small graphical changes sprites and tiles in T2002 moja wersja
  • Beast vs universal soldier more colours
  • Big redesign in Turricane 3.5
  • Big changes in classical Morgul Returns

Amiga Remix Update
New tracks released @ amigaremix.com!

This time including a nice cover auf Turrican3 / Scrapyard by Dr. Future!


Bonus: Check out this cool piano cover of The Great Bath by LightSide:
And finally a real Turrican-like-game: X-Zero, for the Pico-8 virtual console! It´s free, playable in your browser/PC/Raspberry! Lowres pixel-art and a catchy chiptune.

X-Zero: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?pid=70362#p

More info on Pico-8: https://www.lexaloffle.com/pico-8.php (also check out Voxatron, also from lexaloffle!)
Daiichi Dash
Somehow Turrican on LSD: Quite unusual twinstick-shooter with handdrawn levels, from germany, available on Steam.

More info: http://daiichidash.com/
Broken Core
Already from 2017 but new to me: The author claims it´s like Turrican or Megaman. With Tits (no, really ;).

"Broken core is a PC Windows indie videogame developed by Oscar Celestini. It's a new game with retrogame taste. Do you loved Turrican or Megaman? Add tits and that's it! Playing the Story mode you'll see lots of illustrations between stages. "

Free demo: here

More info: https://oscarcelestini.itch.io/broken-core
Check out Cryogear, a retro themed Metroidvania with some rough similarities to Turrican. Available for Xbox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

More info: https://www.polarityflow.com/cryogear/.
One Man & His Machine (Manfred Trenz Documentary Profile)
Nice overview of Manfred Trenz career.

For those who want to know even more, don´t forget to visit the fabulous Manfred Trenz Fanpage. ;)

thx @ Retro Etro
Some years ago Zarlex started a T2002-based Turrican-Prequel named "Tallon", featuring the Hero Devolon, mentioned in the Turrican 1 backstory.

Sadly, he hasn´t time to finish it anymore, therefore he packed the project together and added a 12-page manual for everyone who wants to finish it.

Get it here!

Edit 30.03.2020: re-uploaded with a corrected readme
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