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Retro Pedro  - 11.07.2024 - 10:28
The infobox on page 8 also reveals, that Factor 5 is already working on Turrican IV because of the massive Pre-Orders of Part III.....so there ist still hope
Retro Pedro  - 11.07.2024 - 10:26
PAge Nr. 8: https://www.kultboy.com/index.php?site=kult/kultmags&km=show&id=286.
REtro Pedro  - 11.07.2024 - 10:25
Funny, I found some information about the sales of Turrican III in the Amiga Games 1/94: it Says that there are 25.000 Preorders already which would mean a massive Top selling product!
t.r.schmidt  - 01.07.2024 - 20:47
See: HOL https://amiga.abime.net/games/view/turrican-3#scan1537_2
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Katakis 2 Sound & Screenshot
Markus Siebold uploaded two short samples of the Katakis 2 Soundtrack, get them as long as they are online:

Also, I have spotted a first screenshot at the Retro-Magazins Facebook-page!

Update: two new Screenshots!
Screen 1
Screen 2

Update 2: two new MP3s!

Update 3: a new MP3!

Update 4: a new MP3!

Update 5: a new MP3!

Katakis 2 more information
The music will be done by Markus Siebold, news will be released at www.katakis2.de, also, musical excerpts may be released at www.siebold.org.

Katakis 2 will be financed completely private, so they can need any promotion.

Please spread the word!
Katakis 2 in active development
As Markus Siebold, music artist of the Turrican 2 C64 Soundtrack, just mailed me, Katakis 2 (for PC/Windows) is now in active development!

We could expect some news soon, I guess at Manfred Trenz´ Homepage Denaris Entertainment Software.
Turrican SETA Reconstruction complete!
Since huge parts of this site were about 10 years old, I have rewritten huge parts of the site:

  • The frameset with music got removed, mp3 player as replacement is now available, see under left menu
  • The Menu got changed
  • Added new games to the SETA
  • Turrican Games, Clones and SETA are no longer static HTML-Pages, but database-driven and so easier to maintain. Also added embedded videos for all games, where available
  • Restructured Information and Download-Pages
  • Large parts of the HTML-Structure rewritten
  • Finally fixed the Secret Bonus (it´s hidden on every page, ever noticed it? :) )

If you notice anything which is now broken, please post it in the Forum, thanks!
Ragazzi Video
Thanks to Manfred J. Heinze from textlab.de, I´ve just uploaded a slightly better Version of the RTL/Ragazzi-Video about Rainbow Arts, containing Turrican-Game-testing and Chris Huelsbeck at work.

Sadly he did not have the original material, since he wrote and edited the film, but someone else filmed it. Maybe it still exists in some RTL-Archive.

Get it here.
Turrican & THQ
I once again asked THQ, why they don´t produce a new Turrican. read the answers, discuss.
T-All released
Robert just uploaded RuvF´s finished T2002-Levelpack T-ALL to the Levelbase!

Best use T-Starter to download and play it.
Sound of Games/ Chris Hülsbeck life @ Gamescom 2010
Including a Medley with Turrican, filmed by Radio Parallax!

Manfred Trenz does NOT Saber-Rider Game
A bit confusing: Manfred Trenz wrote on his homepage http://www.denaris.de/:

"Betrifft SABER RIDER!

Denaris arbeitet nicht an dem Projekt Saber Rider und hat bisher auch nicht daran gearbeitet. Diese Falschinformation wurde ohne Rücksprache mit Denaris ins Netz gestellt und trotz Aufforderung nicht berichtigt."
or, translated:
Denaris does not work on the project Saber Rider and does not have worked on it. This false information was put on the net without consultation with Denaris and, despite demand, not corrected.

10 years ot Turrican SETA
The Turrican SETA is now 10 years old! :)

I´ve technically refurbished parts of the site the last days, but there is still a lot of work to do, so stay tuned!
Manfred Trenz does Saber-Rider Game
"Firehazard Studio and World Events Productions, Ltd. are proud to announce an agreement giving Firehazard Studio the rights to produce a Video game based on the widely popular animated series "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs" for various gaming devices including Nintendo 3DS and Apple iPhone. The Game is expected to release in Q3 2011 and will feature all iconic characters from the classic "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs" animated series in a brand new Artstyle by Patrick Reinemann / Reinemann Illustrations and the awesome Soundtrack from Dale Schacker. The Programming of the Game will be done by Turrican Creator Manfred Trenz/Denaris Entertainment Software."

More infos at http://www.firehazard-studio.com/!

Thanks to Ultra64 for the tip!
Immortal 4 is coming
Part 4 of the great Amiga Remix Album is coming!

Visit http://www.maz-sound.com/Immortal/ for a preorders and more infos.

Listen to some preview-Tracks here:

List of the included game titles:
Atomino, Benefactor, Big Run, Cannon Fodder, Capital Punishment, Dangerous Streets, F17 Challenge, Fascination, Final Fight, First Samurai, Flashback, Flink, Fury of the Furries, Future Wars, Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest, Jaguar XJ220, LED Storm, Leisure Suit Larry, Lemmings, Liberation: Captive 2, Paradroid 90, Puggsy, T-Zero, Tales from Heaven, TFX, Turrican 2, Ultimate Body Blows, Walker, Wing Commander, Wolfchild, Zarathrusta, Zeewolf, Zeewolf 2

Thanks to Bernd for the tip and to Jan Zottman and MAZ for friendly permission for the audioplayer :)!
Video Game Orchestra
Listen to some fine Covers of Turrican at http://videogameorchestra.com/ (Go to "Tracks" and search for Turrican).

There are covers for:
turricanII - final challenge
turricanII - the wall
turricanII - traps
turricanII - the desert rocks
turricanII - the great bath
turrican - theme
turricanII - the hero
turricanII - secret dungeons
turricanII - freedom
turricanII - concerto for lasers and enemies

Armin Gessert
Armin Gessert, wo e.g. created Giana Sisters together with Manfred Trenz, died on 08. November 2009 of a heart attack, at the age 46 years.
Factor 5 closes doors
Well, also very late but important to mention:
Factor 5 Inc. (San Rafael, USA) closed it doors in Mai 2009 out of financial reasons. What remains until now, is the german Factor 5 GmbH.

Discussion is here.
Well, better late than never:
Quite a while ago, Bronko released the Final Version of his Underearth T2002-Levelpack!

Get it at the Levelbase!
Have a close look at http://www.textlab.de/index.php/textlab/article/58/ for an old Episode of "Ragazzi", which includes some insight on Rainbow Arts, including Chris Huelsbeck at work.

I mailed textlabs if they could provide us a video in better quality.

Thanks to Gerald Müller-Bruhnke, webmaster of the fantastic Thalion Source for the hint!
Retro Snippets
A nice video-report about all Turrican parts and some fan-projects (german):
Turrican 2009 Metal Medley
Added a new Metal Remix, a great Medley done by XxDUSTYxX, get it at the Soundbase and rock! :)
New Magazine Articles
Two new articles are available at the bonusfiles:
ASM-Article about Manfred Trenz and Turrican 2
Interview with Factor 5 - "Wo bleibt Turrican 3?"

Thanks to Rainer Stöhr for the scans!
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