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pArker  - 27.04.2017 - 17:13
Die AMIGA Story schon jetzt in der Mediathek: https://www.zdf.de/dokumentation/zdfinfo-doku/die-amiga-story-100.html
t.r.schmidt  - 26.04.2017 - 21:39
Nice: http://www.rgcd.co.uk/2016/02/developer-diary-powerglove-amiga.html
t.r.schmidt  - 26.04.2017 - 20:26
Wurde schon mal im Forum gepostet -> http://www.turricanforever.de/setaforum?id=657 - leider darf man ohne Facebook Konto nichts sehen. Muss ich wohl doch noch eins machen
Marc  - 22.04.2017 - 19:54
Neues Turrican Remake? https://www.facebook.com/groups/646394448847116
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Upcoming T2002-Levelset by Christian
Christian is working on a new levelset for T2002, and now he released a preview video.

It looks and sounds really great, he used e.g. tileset of Lionheart, Ruff and Tumble or music from Wolfchild.

Just watching his new waterfalls is worth the download.

It is encoded with the Divx-Codec 5.2.
A new Turrican for mobile Phones
While visting the Games Convention 2005 in Leipzig, I was quite surprised to find a new Turrican.

Again it´s a Java application for Cellphones, but this time it´s far more playable then the one on the Siemens-M65.
And it even has got a flight-level.

Get screenshots here!
New mp3 by mAF
mAF contributet a nice remake of "The desert rocks", geht it at the Soundbase.
Hurrican News
The Lava Level is finished, get some shots at http://www.poke53280.de/news/.

And have a good last look at the Hurrican Sprite - because it will be replaced by a new and better looking one.

You´ll have to wait a bit longer than usual for the next news there, but they promised a Video, that shows actual gameplay of the finished Levels.
New mp3 by Sebuko
Subuko contributet another tune, this time an orchestral one: Revolution. I guess it would make a real good intro-tune.

Now available at the Turrican Soundbase.
Turrican performed at GC-Cup: Warm-up
At 13.07.2005, 13.00, a track of Turrican is performed by an orchestra, live in Leipzig at the GC-Cup: Warm-up.

Entry is free, and other great tracks like Final Fantasy are also performed - so if anybody lives near Leipzig: go there!

I wonder if any local TV- or Radio-Station will send this, because I guess like at the last two GC-Opening Concerts there will be no recording or CD available.

More infos here.
Manfred Trenz Interview (Powerplay)
Gerald M.B. sent me a scanned interview from the old german magazine Powerplay with Manfred Trenz, you can view it here.
Christian contributed a great Tutorial for the T2002-Editor, with many pictures and 16 pages!

Get it here, or at the Bonusfiles.

If anyone has some spare time left: it´s in german - a translation would be quite usefull ;)
New mp3 by Sebuko
A new tune, City of Gods, from Sebuko is now available at the Turrican Soundbase. It´s also thought for his Turrican-Clone Hideican.
t4e is dead - long live t4e
The Turricane 4 Ever-Project is now officially dead, after sleeping for about 3 years.

But since it was one of the most famous remakes - which sadly didn´t get out of the concept state, I archived parts of the old Website here.
Dusmania 7.0
If you want to meet Eiswuxe and Turri of the Pokes, and maybe even Robert and Martin Konrad, come to the Dusmania 7.0 at Rodgau Nieder-Roden (near Frankfurt/Main) at 02.07.05.

There you might even have a look at the current state of Hurrican and many other hobby-developed games.

And last year I even met Peter Thierolf (ex-Member of Kaiko, programmer of Turrican 3, and member of NEON, see makers for more info.
New Hurrican Shots
And another one done: the Elevator-Level is finished, get some screenshots, as usual at the Poke´s Homepage. Now they are already working at the "center of the earth"-Level.
New Windstille concept Art
At Windstille´s Homepage there´s some new concept Art of the still nameless heroine.
WinUAE Version 1.0
After many years of development, the most famous Amiga-Emulator WinUAE is now released at Version 1.0.

It´s funny to see the old Atari/PC vs. Amiga-War suddenly revived again at several places, like heise.de, feels a bit like 1990 somehow ;)

So, get the newest Version at http://www.winuae.net/, load up Turrican and remember the good old times!

Amiga Power!
New song by Sebuko in the Soundbase
Sebuko just sent me a new Song for his Turrican Clone "Hideican", download it at the Turrican Soundbase.
New T2002-Level by RuvF
Just uploaded a new T2002-Level by RuvF, get it at the T2002-Level-Section.
Sebuke seems also to be working on a Turrican inspired game named "Hideican". There´s nothing playable to download yet, but there are two screens to view, and as he writes 4 Levels are already finished.

One thing for sure: it will have good music ;)

Get the screenshots at his Homepage.
New song by Sebuko in the Soundbase
Sebuko contributed another song, "Hideican-Flight", which was thought for a flight level in Turrican 4. Get it, as always, in the Soundbase.
Hurrican News
Again one level is finished betatesting, and the Pokes are proceeding to the next one.

Get some shots of the now finished Temple-Level here
Factor 5 News
In the popular german magazine "Spiegel" (# 10/2005) there´s an Interview with Julian Eggebrecht of Factor 5. It can also be read online, but costs 50ct. The Topic ist "Spieleentwickler Julian Eggebrecht über Videospiele für Erwachsene, die Gefährdung von Jugendlichen, lebensechte Abenteuer und die Liebe im virtuellen Raum" (Game Developer Julian Eggebrecht about videogames for adults, the endangering of teenagers, realistic Adventures and the love in the virtual reality.)

Interesting: in May 2002 they already had an interview with him, see: www.amiga-news.de
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