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pArker  - 14.12.2018 - 15:49
Hier zum reinhören: https://chrishuelsbeck.bandcamp.com/album/turrican-rise-of-the-machine
snajper  - 09.12.2018 - 03:33
Aky  - 08.12.2018 - 20:44
Turrican - Rise Of The Machine", das imaginäre Amiga Soundtrack Album wurde für die Kickstarterbacker veröffenentlicht. Und es klingt nach Turrican.
Retro Turri  - 23.11.2018 - 21:41
das Video ist doch auch nice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVp-3coUd9Y
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Newer News
Turrican 2 Extro picture
Albolone found out, that the Turrican 2 Extro picture was inspired by "The Book Of Alien" (1979), from a sketch of french comic artist Moebius. Added to the facts.
ACA.SYS Preview
ACA.SYS I finally got a preview of IEs ACA.SYS. It features really good oldschool pixel-graphics and some awesome parallax-scrolling. Itīs held very close to the original, Acsys (Amiga, never finished), but itīs not just a rip-off, compare yourself: Original Acsys shot - IEīs ACA.SYS shot.

The preview worked stable but was very slow on my Celeron 800, even if I switched to 640x480. Iīm curious when there will be the final version and how big it will be, as from the original there exists only one level because it was never finished - so IE would have to design some complete new levels.

The preview itself was quite short, ~2 Minutes of gameplay, with no weapons and enemies implemented. The gameplay, as far I can say, felt nice, but not 100% like Turrican, but that should be logical since acsys was only a Turrican "inspired" game.

Turrican Online Market
Turrican Online Market The Turrican Online Market is now beta-online. Itīs meant for all who want to sell or seek anything related to Turrican, Factor 5, Chris Hülsbeck or Manfred Trenz. Go have a look.

New Archive functions
As you may have already noticed, the Shoutbox-Archive now has some filter and search functions.
New Amstrad Turrican Shots
Thanks to McMonac, there now are some nice shots of Turrican 1 for Amstrad CPC.

Get the Log of the last chat here.
Hurrican New Hurrican Shots
As promised, there are some new, tasty and exclusive Hurrican-Shots!

The Next chat
...will be this sunday, 20.07.03 at 22.00 CET (now: 07:41)
You can connect using an IRC-Client (Server:euirc.arcor.de channel: #turrican / direct link: irc://euirc.arcor.de:6667/turrican) or this browser applet.

Get the Log of the last chat here.
T2002 GBA GBA Turrican!
Pekaro Software just announced a GBA-Version of T2002. There already is a little Video available.

New Hurrican Shot
Thereīs a new screenshot of Hurrican available. The flames look even better in motion, believe me ;)
Better late than never: get the chatlog here.

GGT is nearly finished! Only intro and extro are missing. If you are talented and interested in eternal fame contact turrican@emucamp.com.

Hurrican delayed
Weīll have to wait 3-4 month longer for Hurrican as expected. Current state: 90% music, 60% graphics (still many enemies missing) and leveldesign 30%.
But Iīm sure itīs well worth waiting, so we get a much better game as if theyīd finished it faster.
On sunday the 22.06 at 22.00 CET (now: 07:41) there is a Turrican IRC-chat!
You can connect using an IRC-Client (Server:euirc.arcor.de channel: #turrican / direct link: irc://euirc.arcor.de:6667/turrican) or this browser applet.

See the Board for more detaills, questions, or last changes.

Concert at Game-Convention Leipzig
For all Music Fans out there: August 20th 2003, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra will play game tunes, including classics as Chris Huelsbecks Apidya! More infos at http://www.music4games.net/n_gc2003concert_announcement.html
Chris is expected to be there as a special guest!
Mega Turrican Manual
Since I now have Mega-Turrican (and a Mega-Drive;) I scanned the complete Mega-Turrican Manual.

More theft!
As Benjamin discovered, the Turrican 1-Cover was used in the game "Earth Defender", added to the facts! Earth Defender is only available on the Handheld "Supervision", which is similar to the Gameboy.
Some Turrican Links
For all who wondered why exactly Thornado is not named Turrican and why itīs still not finished, I found an old but interesting Interview with Factor 5 at IGN.com. Read Part 1,Part 2.

At www.siebold.org you can find the homepage of Markus Siebold, who created the C64-Turrican Music. There are some really nice Remixes to download.
The Edge Article
If someone should have missed the "Making of Turrican" Article in the Edge a few month ago: at http://www.timguest.net/mt-archives/000022.html#000022 you can read it online.
But beware, there are many false informations included, have a look at the facts first.

aca.sys shots
There are some new aca.sys-shots available.

New music
Added some new background music, done by WOTW.
TurricanE lives!
After a long time of silence, Wizard, the main coder of the Turricane Forever Project, released a great screenshot. Right now, Wizard is testing the basic functions of his gfx-engine, like running, jumping and collisions.

So you see, the project is not dead! But itīs still a long time to the release, but Iīm sure itīs worth waiting for.
You want GGT? Do something for it :)
If you are good at pixeling with low resolution, few colors and a fixed palette - then write a mail to turrican@emucamp.com.
Because an Intro and Extro for GGT is still needed.
About 10 pictures for each one would be fine. Oh, and you should be able to keep the secrets about the storyline.

French Humor on désinformations.com
Wow, Turrican for GBA, Turrican for Gamecube? Not bad. I especially like the name of the game: Turrican Evolution :)
(If this doesnīt sound used to you, have a look here)

Read the full article in french or let it translate by google
Super Turrican scans
Thanks to Michael Rosenberger, there are now scans of the PAL-Package and Cartridge of Super Turrican available. Also thereīs the complete Super Turrican manual and a Super Turrican 2 PAL-Cartridge-Scan.

Turrican Ringtones
At http://arcadetones.emuunlim.com/amiga.htm, you can find Ringtones for your Handy.
T2002 Mini-Maps released
For all who didnīt find the exit in T2002īs gigantic levels, Pekaro now released Mini-Maps.

Itīs true: Dukeīs a Thief
Before the Duke Nukem 3d everybody knows, there were Duke Nukem 1 & 2, shareware 2d-JumpīnīRuns by Apogee.

And there, they shamelessy (ab)used graphics from Turrican 1!

Robert and I made some shots, see them here.
1/2 Year of Shoutbox
If anybody wants to look at what we wrote in the old shoutbox, I now archived all posts (over 800!).

Site reconstruction
As you may have eventually noticed Iīm heavily working on a site redesign. The work isnīt finished, so if youīve got some good ideas, feel free to join our discussion at Robertīs board.

Funny Turrican Quiz
At Bronkoīs Turrican Page under "special", there is a funny Turrican Quiz available. But beware, I think itīs pretty hard (at least the screenshots-guessing-stuff) ;)
"Freedom" Remix by Scooter
As noted on http://www.huelsbeck.com/, the german techno-Band Scooter remixed the Turrican 2 Extro-Song "Freedom" with Chris Huelsbeckīs permission. It is on their new CD "The Stadium Techno Experience" and is called "Level One". Get a preview at amazon.de.

Thank god, it seems to be instrumental ;)
Thanks to Eiswuxe for the Tip!

Mail by Peter Thierolf
Since we had some further questions open after Julian Eggebrechtīs Mail, I asked Peter Thierolf about the story of Kaikoīs own Turrican 3. Read his mail here.
And: there was no Demo of Kaikos Version, but if you want to imagine how it would have looked like, play NEONīs great Mr. Nutz, because it would have used the same gfx-engine.

The Facts should now be closer to reality then ever ;)

SETA updated
The "in development"-list got updated.


Mail by Julian Eggebrecht [Factor 5]
I had the rare luck to get a mail from Julian Eggebrecht, with some interesting facts about Turrican, especially about the development of Turrican 3. Read it here. Of course the Facts about Turrican got updated ;)

You know Kaiko?
You surely know Chris Huelsbeck. If you like Turrican 3 or Mega Turrican, you maybe also know Frank Matzke (MT/T3 GFX) and Peter Thierolf (T3-Coder). All three together were members of Kaiko. And after one of the Ex-Kaiko-members discovered my Kaiko-Fanpage, they had a little meeting at a China restaurant - so here is a brand new picture!
[from left to right: Peter Thierolf, Thorsten Lamparter (created e.g. Gem'x), Chris Huelsbeck, Frank Matzke]

Since the demo of the canceled Turrican-Clone Acsys fails to work with recent versions of WinUAE, the programmer released a new version at http://www.unique-software.de.vu/.

New Hurrican Shots
I had the luck to take a close look at two new Levels of Hurrican. One is the Elevator-Level where you drive down a long shaft, deeper into the planet, trying to avoid rocks falling down and spikes that are in your way. Also there are enemies jumping in from the background or from above. The second one is the temple stage, which will be a real classic Turrican-Level with tons of secrets, traps, weapons and enemies. Oh, and flame-throwers.

There are some cool new features: You can now charge your lightning-beam and shoot a ball of glowing death in a direction of your choice. Like in Turrican 3, you now have a limited auto-fire, press once, shoot 3 times. And there is an rapid-autofire-extra to collect.

Jan Schulzes 3d-Turrican-Video is available!
Done as the practical part of his "Diplomarbeit" at the German Film School for digital production this two minute long video contains some scenes from C64-Turrican and the equivalent ones rendered with Maya. Everything is put together in a very professional way, even with a cool soundtrack. Click to here for some preview shots. The video has a size of 23 Mb and now is friendly hosted at Turrican Forever, get it here.



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