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Newer News
Super Turrican NES-Cartridge added
Added Super Turrican NES-Cartridge thanks to IE. Also interesting, if you didnīt notice already, Super Turrican NES was developed by Turricans father Manfred Trenz.

Turrican T-Shirt solved
The autograph is from Manfred Trenz!
Thanks to Simon Osiander, who still owns and wears the shirt, you can now have a look at a scan.

Btw: if you like the Turrican Art by Celal Kandemiroglu (who did all three covers) have a look at the Temple of Celal Kandemiroglu
Tons of new stuff
NES Super Turrican Thanks to Frank Schmelter, IE and McMonac I now have tons of NES Super Turrican screenshots, the according package-cover and the SNES-Super Turrican 1 & Super Turrican 2 Package. Additionally theres a new, funny Poster from "Your Sinclair"-Magazine.

And Iīve redone nearly all screenshots-pages which was a hell lot of work, phew....
new AGC shot
A new shot of IEīs AGC
New Heavy Metal!
Thereīs a new mp3-sample of FPS-Turrican, this time a remake of Turrican3-Factory.

T2002 Patch
Since some people experienced slow performance while playing T2002, there now is a patch to solve this (but only this, if you havenīt got problems, you wonīt need it!).
This patch is experimental and pekaro needs your feedback!
Turrican T-Shirt Wanted!!
In the german Magazine ASM, you could buy a Turrican-Shirt - does anybody still have it?
A good Foto would be nice!

And: whose autograph is printed on it?
cdtv turricanTurrican CDTV
Thanks to Erkan Orhun I may now present scans of the Turrican-CDTV-Cover and CDs.
Dreams come true...
Finally its possible: play Turrican online, everywhere, just using Java and a Browser...

Well, actually it is Turrican 2, but only one level of the ZX-Spectrum Version ;)

[ Play ]
Gameboy-Turrican-Manual Thanks to Frank Schmelter, you can now view the (german) Gameboy-Turrican manual. Especially the Intro story is worth a close look ;)
Martin Konrad finally released a GGT-Demo (GameGear Turrican) at his site. The full-release of GGT will be in the next weeks if betatesting goes right and the music if finished.

Since this is for SEGA GameGear, youīll need a Mastersystem/Gamegear-Eulator as well, eSMS and MEKA are tested successfully.

New Hurrican shot
The Pokes have a new screenshot of their Hurrican.

Good news from Pekaro!
In Summer 03 there will be a T2002 Expansion pack, which includes two new levels and the long-awaited Level-Editor.

Because of their massive traffic (the mp3-t2002-version has 30mb) Pekaros webhoster will shut down the site soon, youīll find the T2002-Downloads at Robert Konrads Turrican-Forever
new shots
Some new shots of IEīs Acsys/Turrican Clone, his label is now called AGA system.

more heavy-metal
Good news for all who liked the mp3-sample of the TurricaN in fps project, they also recorded:
The Wall
Factory Action
Screw Nut Hall
Turrican article in "the Edge"
In the Edge Magazine uk, thereīs a 3-page "Making of Turrican", imho itīs more like "History of Factor 5". But itīs quite interesting, with many comments from Julian Eggebrecht.

It sees everything from Factor 5īs point of view, e.g. how they always wanted to port Turrican to the consoles, but Rainbow Arts ignored that and sold the license. And they cried after seeing what Accolade did to Turrican 2: a poor conversion named Universal Soldier.

Not so nice, but not completly wrong, is that Turrican should be a rip of Mario, Oscar, Metroid and some others not mentioned by name. Even the cover originally was by Manowar. But since Turrican has much own character, I still prefer to say "inspired by".

A very interesting point (especially for all clone-authors;) is that Manfred Trenz would give the controls of a game the highest priority, right after the collision-detection. Or as Julian Eggebrecht said: "jumping is key to make somthing fun". Good point.

Also, the wrong fact of the origin of Turricanīs name beeing from a pizza parlour is included, as so often before in other magazines.

So, not too much news if you studied the Turrican facts ;)
More Turrican in 3d
I just got some two shots of the TurricaN in fps project and a great Heavy-Metal-cover of the Turrican-Scrapyard for this game.

At http://www.beepworld.de/members48/janfx/ you can find some shots of a nice looking Turrican animation done by Jan Schulze (who is now place 3 of the T2002-highscore;).
Turrican the Movie?
As Frank Schmelter dicovered, there is a movie named TURICON - the legend of Sollthar. Ok, nothing special so far. But the main Character is named Bren McGuire!

This simply cannot be random - so I asked itīs creator Marco von Moos of NoControl Cinema and got a quick reply. Read his answer here.

You can (legally;) download the movie here. Or find more infos about it at nccinema.ch.

New Shot / Amiga Turrican news
There is one new and a bit sharper shot of IEs Acsys/Turrican Clone.

Expect first shots of Ultrastorm1977īs Turrican Amiga-Clone in the middle of April.
New Music
Iīm proud to present my new background-music-selection, especially "kickmetoturri" which was done by Eiswuxe especially for this site!
I hope everyoneīll notice the little melody-part in this track out of Hurrican :)

for correctness
Changed and added some detaills in yesterdays news about IEs Acsys/Turrican Clone
Acsys/Turrican Clone
Here some facts of IEs Acsys/Turrican Clone
  • Resolution: 320x256 pixels
  • Multi parallax layers
  • Over 5 different weapons
  • Effects: SCP fx transparent colors(similar to snes effects)
  • 60fps in fullscreen
  • Intro sequences betweens levels
  • 360 shooting in every position
  • 16 million colors at once
  • itīs created with a game-authoring tool
The Game will run on PCs, get some shots here!

Updated the SETA
since even some hardcore-Turrican Fan didnīt know Jim Power, I added it, even if itīs a bit too linear for a "real" SETA-Game.

And as a little teaser click here for an exclusive Hurrican-shot. Looks like thereīll gonna be action ;)
The Turricane4ever-Project has two new Pixel-Artists and promise some first-class-samples of their work soon!

Turrican MOD with Quake 2 Engine Good news for Turrican 3d-Fans:Baran Yasar and his team are working on a "TurricaN in fps project with quake II game engine". They are looking for a programmer, texture artist and skin maker. Get some facts and screenshots here.

IE is working on a new turrican project that may be a clone of turrican 1+2 and acsys, which should already be 40% finished. More about that as soon as I know.
Gameboy-Turrican Package
Thanks to Frank Schmelter, I know have got fine scans of the Gameboy-Turrican-Package. You can view them here.

PS: If anybody has got good scans of other equipment missing here, Iīm always glad about a mail :)
GGT (Game Gear Turrican) News
GameGear Turrican Finally, there is something new on Martin Konrads GGT-Homepage.
You can now read some technical detaills, see some screenshots and even two videos. The release may be in 03/2003.

Also you should have a look at http://www.workinprogress.net/, these guys are making the soundtrack/sfx for GGTurrican and already have a real nice turrican-inspired mp3-track at their downloads (named T4).
Double Respect:
At http://www.pcwelt.de/ thereīs a huge (4 pages) article about T2002!
Karlik Plus kicked [ACPS]Turrican off the throne and, again, is number one of the T2002 Highscore ;)

If you didnīt already notice: Robert Konrad is so kind and hosts the Turrican Evolution CD at his Turrican Forever Fanpage. Btw: watch out for Volume 2, soon!
Karel Ondracek (alias Karlik Plus) finished T2002 with 50 lifes left - and is the new number one!
Many new shots at poke53280. Especially cool is the "Born to be wild"-shot, that shows that Hurrican riding on a flying enemy!
Now two levels are finished and two further levels are in work.

Iīll collect Higscores again, this time from Pekaros T2002!
Since T2002 has no snapshot-function youīll have to use the "print-screen-key and paste" technique - everything else as usual.
Please prefer to send JPGs, BMPs seem often to arrive uncomplete.
So, if youīve got a score, send it to me!

The Hurrican Preview Highscore now is closed!

Since Pekaro donīt have a board for T2002 I just created a new one, that will stay as the official t2002-support-board (the old one died while moving my host...).

From tomorrow on, this site can additionally be reached under http://turrican.nemmelheim.de/!
Finally I got a big scan of the World of Turrican-Poster, waiting for you at the Bonusfiles!

At Poke53280 there are some brand new screenshots of Hurrican.

Even from Turricane forever there are some news: they work on a new Leveleditor (with GUI).

And: check out the downloads at Robert Konradsī Turrican-Forever, there now is a video (from PC Action 6-99, 34MB!!) with scenes of Turrican3d and an interview with Manfred Trenz available!

And another surprise:
A person with the nick Ultrastorm1977 (met him on ebay;) is working on a new Amiga-Turrican:
Itīs in work since 2 month and should at first feature 2 very good playable levels (Space & Underwaterbase). At this time, heīs working at the Level construction and at the copper-background. Even his Turrican sprite is nearly finished.

He works with an Amiga 4000, but it should run on the old ECS-Machines, too.

More as soon as I know!
Added a site with Turrican-related mp3s by Ralph Weinert at the Bonusfiles.

Since the SETA grew to big, I now splitted it into 4 pages.
And: thanks to a friend (hello, stephan :) that now hosts the seta-site for me (I still donīt have SQL/PHP), I added a vote under each game.
So, happy voting!

PS: keep playing T2002, soon I will collect highscores again ;)
T2002 is out!
Get it at www.pekaro.de!!

Iīve put up a little board, where you may post feedback, bugs, comments or what else on it.
And if we are lucky, someone of pekaro software will read it ;)

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