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How to play Turrican on your PC (via WinUAE Emulation)

Step 1
Turrican in WinUAE Get and install WinUAE. This is a program that emulates (="simulates") an Amiga and let┤s you (e.g.) play your old games on a modern PC.

Step 2
Get a Kickstart ROM (the Amiga BIOS-equivalent) and save it in the WinUAE-Directory, best create a subdirectory "ROMs". Since it is still copyrighted, there are only few legal ways to get one. I recommend using Kickstart 1.3.
  • Buy the Amiga Forever CD at cloanto.com, a (payed) download is also possible
  • Transfer it from your own Amiga via serial cable using the tools included with WinUAE
The second way is only for the pro┤s since it is a bit complicated and will not be further explained here.

Step 3
Get Turrican ADFs (Amiga Disk Files)! You could start with the Demos found at the Bonusfiles. At the Factor 5 Homepage the full Versions are available for free download, but they seem to be not 100% correct, some people reported problems with the Extro.

Step 4
Start WinUAE. You will see a rather complex interface.

First choose the path to your Kickstart-ROM. After selecting, a requester pops up and should tell you that Amiga 500 / Amiga 2000 Kickstart 1.3 is available now.

Choose the Joypad or Keyboard Layout you want to use.
Note: Layout "b" if for cursor-keys and ctrl (german:strg)

Select your Disk Image and press Start.
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