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Robert  - 25.03.2024 - 17:25
Oh and Gunlord actually made it into the clones section.
Robert  - 25.03.2024 - 17:24
Ultracore is my personal favorite of that bunch. Anyway, like snajper said, look through the news. TR is not updating the subsections that much anymore but he has been posting news snippets regularly for decades which is quite amazing.
snajper  - 20.03.2024 - 18:50
IIRC Ultracore has been mentioned here in the news a few years ago, as well as both Gunlords. So...
Ray  - 20.03.2024 - 01:24
Also, everyone should play Cyber Shadow. It's a Ninja Gaiden-esque but has that Turrican 3 feel too.
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Tech-Demo of Brent McGuires Turrican online
Get it while it is online, it looks promising.

Controls are Cursor-Keys, Shift, CTRL and Space.
Oh, and don´t press "a", it will make you explode ;)

The download-link can be found in the bulletin-board, quite at the bottom.
New Turrican Clone: Magniforce G
Xiphos2000 is working on a new Turrican Clone called Magniforce G.

Join the discussion and give some creative feedback at our Bulletin Board.

I now added it to the Turrican Clones-section, some more pictures can be found on Facebook.

Also, Brent McGuires Turrican Clone seems to make some progress, details also in the Bulletin Board.

Aaalso: Added Roberts Hyper Turrican Mega Leet 5-Turrican (...HTML5-Turrican...) which is now very playable to the clones!
Turrican forever still in development!

(The Turrican-clone, not to be confused whith Robert´s Turrican Forever-Website ;) )

Some person, back in 2008 under the Nick "Brent McGuire" worked on a promising Turrican Clone, worktitled "Turrican Forever".

Nothing was heard of it until I received an email this week, announcing that it is still in development and there will be a fully playable demo, presumably this june!

Some facts:
  • The engine now runs at 60hz with Direct-3d-Support, large levels would be no problem
  • The resolution is still 512x288 / 16:9 format, he wants to make the viewport not to large to stay true to the original
Since he is quite overloaded with work, he currently seeks help with reworking the graphics out of Amiga-Turrican 1 and a Turrican 3-Logo redone as WMF-vectorgraphic, without the "3".

He also is looking for tiles and sprites from Turrican 3 PC, which was never released.

If you can offer some help, best post in in the Turrican Forever thread!
Turrican Forever
A german with the nick Brent McGuire is developing a new Turrican-Clone named Turrican Forever, based on a new self-written engine. He aims to do something inbetween T2002 and Hurrican, it will be much like the first to Turrican-parts.

Graphically he wants to use tiles from Turrican 2 PC plus some reworked sets from Turrican 1 und Turrican 3, using modern alpha-channel effects. And he wants to set a high priority on dynamic and smooth movements, which seems to have succeeded, if you have a look at the video.

The engine itself is already 95% finished, and we may expect a demo level soon!

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