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Turrican 2 Amiga

Platform: Amiga
License: Commercial
Status: Finished
Releasedate: 1991

  • If you jump and hit space and fire like crazy (with enough Power-Lines equipped!) you can jump higher!
  • Many Bosses can be killed using the lightning beam before they even fire a single shot.
  • It is possible to jump over the hole leading down to the dragon boss, so fighting the dragon isn´t a must. But first you´ve got to know where the hole is..
  • If you killed this Boss you normally run automatically to the right into the exit. If you activate the super-weapon (space+fire) before this moment, you will stay on this screen. Forever. (Interesting but pretty useless...)
  • Secret or Error? If you roll in here (water-level) you roll out of the screen, but you can´t get up. If you then start the super-weapon (fire+space) you stand again. If you move left and right a bit - you fall down directly to the exit! Have a look at this map if you want to know where exactly this is.
  • Funny: There´s a drone hanging on the ceiling as you enter the flight-level - just like in Katakis or R-Type

Cheat: Press SPACE on the title-screen to enter the music menu (also a fine thing to know...), then press 1 4 2 esc esc

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