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Turrican 3d Modelling Contest
Turrican 3d  modelling contest
Are you experienced in doing 3d-models? Do you love Turrican?

Great! Then you have good chances to win our contest.

The Prize
Fame, your name in the news - and if your living in europe, Unreal Tournament 2004, friendly sponsored by timeplay.net.

The goal is to get a 3d-Model that should look close to Turrican as we know him from the posters. The results are thought to be published here, free for everones use. That may be a model for your favorite shooter, for animations, pictures, games, whatever.

It doesn´t matter which program you use, but your result should be in .3ds-format and include a rendered JPG picture.

The contest ends 21.11.2004.

For inspiration
Look at the Posters (more at the bonusfiles) and at the shots of the chancelled Turrican 3d.

Send your results to: webmaster@nemmelheim.de