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Home of the Windows-Amiga-Emulator WinUAE

Play Amiga games over the Internet or LAN!

This site is dedicated to Amiga emulation and all what's related to it. AMI Sector One's only goal is to provide the Amiga emulator fan with the stuff he or she needs legally. You'll find here a huge collection of games, module files and demos of the Amiga scene.

July 31, The Golden Amiga Games Encyclopedia, or in short GAGE, contains information from over 500 games, with compatibility information, cheats, docs, walkthroughs, screenshots, and more. Maintained by Dr. Zarkov since 1998, it is one of the most comprehensive information resources for Amiga Games.

Many legal downloads, forums and infos about everything related to amiga, one of the "big and old" sites.

Great alround C64-Site with a lovely design
Great overview of Computers and Videogames, very large !
Interesting site about Commodore Computers, with a Shop, special Pages like a Joystick-Overview and a Flohmarkt.

A HUGE Amiga website full of classic and great Amiga Music/Software/Artwork/Nostalgia and much much more.

Home of the 8-Bit Webring

Quite big Site with Emulation news. They are hosting many other Emulation / Fan-Sites, so watch for the links.

The Video Game Museum, very huge site with many infos and legal downloads

A fine videogame Database with over 4500 games, including screenshots and infos.

Tons (over 25.000) of screenshots for nearly all classic systems

This site tries to list all adventure games (interactive fiction) produced over the years.

The arcade shoot `em up site

Biggest archive for C64 games, pictures, infos and sids

THE site if you look for something related to emulation.

TheLegacy is a nostalgic game museum. Over 9,000 games from 1980 'till today of the systems Amiga, Atari ST, C64, CPC, Atari, Apple II and PC are showed here and invite you to walk through the hall of the museum.

One of the biggest game-databases around, always a good place to find some facts.

Amiga Music Preservation - big Amiga music archive with some nice search-features.

Amiga-Demo (and Cracktro)-Archive (about 200)
German Site, all about 2d-Shoot-Em-Ups with interesting news, a database and more.

A big Shoot-em-Up database, very big, with wondefull design

Nice list of Remakes of classic games

This page contains short info and screenshots from many of the old classic C64 games, info on companies and people.

The Barrax Empire, the web's 2D space shooter database.

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Great Emu/Retro-Board in german language.

The English Amiga Board

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A great Database with lots of Infos about old computer systems.

Wonderfull looking site with many nice Tunes, great design

Thousands of Chip-Tunes
The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers

The Giant List of Classic Game Programmers - The Source for Video and Computer Game History

A cool C64 link index

Old school 8-bit and 16-bit game and demo music mp3 radio broadcasting c64, amiga, atari xl/xe/st, msx, console and arcade tracks the classic and the new generation of c64 tunes with real sid sounds

Video Game Music Archive
Official Home of Ziggy Space Rat - well known from old ASM-Magazine-times

Zzap64 - popular C64-Mag, many old issues online

Forget about ;) - here you can find great remakes of C64-Music !

ModPlugin - play Music in Mod-Format in your Browser

Retro Music Site