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First a small interview with Andrew Brazier (Adventure Soft / Headfirst Productions)
Date: 24.07.00
T.R.Schmidt Hello !
I´d be glad if you answer me some small questions:
Why an when did you rename "Horrorsoft" into "Adventuresoft" ?
Andrew Brazier Hi,
Horrorsoft closed down as a company a long time ago, and the majority of the staff went on to form
Adventure Soft.
T.R.Schmidt Do you know (or do you own) who owns the copyrigths on the Elvira & Waxworks Amiga - versions ?
Andrew Brazier We do as far as I know - we made them and still own the rights.
T.R.Schmidt When and why was Horrorsoft foundet ?
Andrew Brazier It was founded in 1988 and the first game to be released by them was Personal Nightmare.
The company closed in 1992 when we turned to making fantasy adventures, and the company name didn't seem right !
T.R.Schmidt Who worked at Horrorsoft and where are they working now ?
Andrew Brazier The managing director was Mike Woodroffe, who still runs Adventure Soft today. Various other members of the team continued working for Adventure Soft, but left when Adventure Soft stopped developing games in 1997.
T.R.Schmidt Will there ever be a new Elvira - game ?
Andrew Brazier I doubt it - not from us anyway !

Andrew Brazier
Adventure Soft / Headfirst Productions

As I asked Adventuresoft´s webmaster to link to my site, then surprisingly Andrew Brazier gave me Mike Woddroffes e-mail (just as I wished sooo long ;), so I could have an interview with Mr. Woodruffe (Adventure Soft / Headfirst Productions).
PS: I also got my link and a "thank you" - so thanks a lot also, Mr. Brazier :)
Date: 19.11.00
T.R.Schmidt Hi !
Thanks a lot for this interview in advance.

As there is not much known about the people behind Horrorsoft - maybe you
can help me out.
So, I just start with my questions ;)

As I´ve read your company was first known as Adventure International
(founded by Scott Adams(?)), then you renamed it to Horrorsoft - and then
back to Adventuresoft.
When and why happened all this ?

Michael Woodroffe WE ran Adventure International (U.K.) which closed down when Scott Adams went out of business.
HorrorSoft was a new busines, totally unrelated to Scott Adams, which was specifically formed to market Personal Nightmare and the Elvira games.
T.R.Schmidt Who and how started it all ?
Michael Woodroffe I started the business with my wife Tricia and son Simon.
T.R.Schmidt Why was Horrorsoft closed down ?
Michael Woodroffe It has not been closed it is merely sleeping.
T.R.Schmidt Which hard & software did you use to produce your games in Horrorsoft-times ?
Michael Woodroffe We used Atari ST's, Amigas and PC's
T.R.Schmidt How long did it last to produce a game on an average ?
Michael Woodroffe We where pretty quick in those days and could produce a game in under ayear.
T.R.Schmidt Why Elvira ?
Michael Woodroffe Because we inherited the license.
T.R.Schmidt Where are the former members of Horrorsoft working now ?
Michael Woodroffe > Michael "Mike" Woodroffe
I am here talking to you.

> Alan Bridgman
Is in Bristol preparing to throw himself down a mountain with pieces of wood strapped to his feet.

> Keith Wadhamsa
Is running a Betting Office.

> Simon Woodroffe
Is designin Call of Cthulhu for Headfirst Productions our new development company

> Paul Drummond
Don't Know

> Maria Drummond
Don't Know

> Kevin Preston
Don't Know

> Philip Nixon
Is with Rage in the North East

> Michael Landreth
Don't Know

> Dave 'Sinbad' Hasler
Don't Know

> Jezz Woodroffe
Is retired in Wales.

T.R.Schmidt Is it just random that there worked so many Woodroffes and Drummonds - or was it a kind of family-production ?
Michael Woodroffe Yes all the Woodroffes are related. Paul and Maria are brother and sister.
T.R.Schmidt Is Horrorsoft "dead" forever, or would it be possible, that it came alive again as a Sub-Label ?
Michael Woodroffe You never know.
T.R.Schmidt Did you (personally) ever think of a "modern" Horrorsoft Elvira-Version ?
Michael Woodroffe Yes. But not any more.
T.R.Schmidt Which status has Adventure-Soft - Mr. Brazier said, it stopped developing games, and the new Simon is produced by Headfirst Productions ?
Michael Woodroffe AdventureSoft is currently publishing all our old games. There is a possibility of some new adventures under this brand name but not for certain.
T.R.Schmidt What do you think of todays games - and the lack of innovation in most games ?
Michael Woodroffe There is some quite superb innovation in new games and Headfirst is gearing up to emulate this.
T.R.Schmidt Which games (old and new) do you recommend Fans of Horrorsoft ?
Michael Woodroffe I think they will love Headfirst's Call of Cthulhu.
T.R.Schmidt Now a very delicate question: Will the Horrorsoft - Games ever become freeware, especially the Amiga-versions (e.g. Personal Nightmare ist not sor sale anymore) ?
Michael Woodroffe Unlikely. There is a lot of interest in those old titles.

All the best


Authors comments:
I must admit that I expected a bit more infos, but if I am lucky, I get some photos and stuff from Mr. Brazier :))
Authors comments:
I must admit that I expected a bit more infos, but if I am lucky, I get some photos and stuff from Mr. Brazier :))