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Wanderer´s Guide to Fighting

Fighting in Elvira - Mistress of the Dark isn´t easy at the beginning, so here some tips to make it easier for you.

Try to get a good weapon - first get the long sword found in the armoury, it will do a good job.

Later on you will find the crusaders sword (after using Elviras ring you can find in the maze on the cross in the chapel), this is the best weapon available. So best complete the maze first - you won´t need to fight there, only use spells.
(get a map here)

The more you fight the easier it gets, because with each win your skill-value goes up. So try to fight as many low-level enemies as possible first.

Be patient, just clicking like mad is of no use, try to hit or parry as late as possible. Try it, wait a second before you hack your enemy and he won´t parry. As long as your skill-value is low (~30) the right moment is hard to get.

Use the spells ! The only spells you will need to complete the game are glowing pride and two spells to kill the maze´s nest. Use the left over indigrients to crush your enemies.

Save before and after each fight. If you loose serious Hitpoints - load.

Happy hacking ;)