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Mistress Of The Dark

Produced by: Accolade
Distributed by: Accolade


Featuring the sultry Elvira, the world's most famous spokesperson for ghouls and goblins, the game leads players on a ghostly and grisly role-playing adventure through a demon-filled medieval castle. Search for The Scroll of Spiritual Mastery' sealed in a chest bearing six different locks. You must find this before Elvira's relative, Queen Emelda, who recently rose from the dead. In your search you will cast spells using the book of magic spells while fighting off evil creatures.


When you die and the picture of your head appears and you are asked if you want to play again, remove the disk and select 'YES'. You should restart where you left off. Your life points will be zero but you can do this over and over.


In this game, healing spells is very rare. So if possible try to win all combats without injuring yourself. This may sounds difficult but it is possible. I did! The best weapon is the crusader's sword, followed by the longsword. So, when you started playing, get the longsword as soon as possible, it is in the armoury. The armoury has lots of weapons and armours but don't take the armor unless you are carrying very little items, get the shield instead, choose the one which give the best protection. Weapons skill improve through practice, so stick to the longsword at the beginning. Don't waste your spells on the guards, save them for the gremlins that are inside the garden maze. Fight at the in until you reach the monster's lair. Cast two spells into the cave to finish the monsters inside. Once the monsters in the lair is destroyed, none will appear anymore. Get Elvira's ring and then use it to get the crusader's sword.

Make a save before any fight. When in combat, try to guess which direction the enemy is attacking, prepare to block when they did. If you are injured, carry on the fight but load in the saved game and try again until you have defeated the enemy without any injury. At first it might be difficult, but once you have a weapon skill of 60 and above, combat is easy. So in the mean time, endure! Remember one thing though, monsters get lesser and lesser as you finish them off. So after a time, you don't have to worry about combat anymore. To block an enemy attack correctly, all you need is to block/parry at the correct timing, after a few fights, you should be able to judge when to block/parry. As for attacking, you can try any manner of attacking, but once in a while change your combat style a bit to confuse the enemy.

Ingredients are very limited. So try to collect them when you came across them. Click on anything you see in the screen. Click on trees to get herb, click on plants to get flowers, leaves, etc. Click on hole to look inside them. Click on skull to get the bottle inside. So, you can see that almost anything that is visible is worth clicking. Try not to avoid those area you have been to, they might contains some useful items.


Enter the castle and be thrown in the dungeon by the captain. Elvira saves you and explains your mission.

Collect hay in the court of the castle. Enter the castle. Enter the library and take the spellbook. Go to the weapon room. Take the long sword and use it. Take the shield and use it. Take the crossbow.

Go downstairs to the kitchen. Take the honey jar (on the right), give the spellbook to Elvira. Ask her to mix the spell 'herbal honey'. Drink the potion.

Go upstairs to the second floor. Enter all open rooms and quickly go out if it is the vampire's room. For the other rooms, search every piece of furniture to find arrows, Laudanum (in the mouse hole of the bathroom), and a bible. Look in the bible and get the parchment.

Go downstairs and to the courtyard. Go to the garden, search every bush, every tree... to find ingredients (even a branch on the screen can hide an ingredient). Search as long as you are outside the castle.

Head towards the target. Use the crossbow 4 times. Get back the 3 arrows on the target. Go to see the man with a Hawk. Wait for the bird to fly off. Use the crossbow when the bird is in the middle of the screen. Take feathers, the gold key and your arrow.

Go into the garden house. Take 2 worms (on the corpse ), 1 mallet, 1 crucifix. Take seeds from the iron box, find and take an iron key go to the entrance of the labyrinth. At each bad encounter, use the 2 spells (the little devils will explode far from you without causing damage). Each time you see a plant, take it and put it in your bag, (besides, it is subtle to put all ingredients there). In the middle of the labyrinth there is a bush full of eyes. Use the crossbow twice (that makes these eyes disappear). Enter the bush and take Elvira's jewel.

Walk to the "fountain" (basin). Take all the plants (black lotus..). Go back into the labyrinth. Go to the locked door in the garden. Unlock the door (with the iron key). Enter the small garden. Take all the plants except the verbena, lemon, the cabbage, the onion and the foxglove that are useless (like the daisy).

Go back to the courtyard. Enter the dungeon. Enter every cell and look for bugs. Besides, take 5 cobwebs. Normally, you should find 5 centipedes, 5 earwigs, 10 spiders and 5 scarabs.

In this maze, you'll find the torture chamber. Go there (you will find it by trying all cells). Take the salt bag. Pull the ring on the right (on the ground). Take the skeleton and the gold key.

To the courtyard again. Go down the well. Take the moss on the walls. Instead of Elvira, a fat she-cook threatens you. Throw the salt bag at her. Turn on your right. Take 2 bottles of white wine. Take the ingredients out of your bag. Have Elvira mix "iridescent pride" (not sure of the English name) on the passage. Click on the passage and Elvira brings you a gold key. Have Elvira mix other healing spells (wooden heart...).

Go upstairs again (leave the ingredients in the kitchen). Go to the church (in the castle). Take the missal (made of manticore leather). Go to the altar. Click on it, insert Elvira's jewel in the hole of the cross. Enter this hole

Look at the fresco at the back and use the parchment from the bible. Turn round and take the crown. Turn round again and use the crown on the Skeleton-King. You can now take his sword. Use it till the end of the game.

Go outside the church and go to the living room. Take the wooden pike and the plant called 'Monsbera' ( Moonberry?) Go upstairs and enter the vampire's room. Kill the vampire with the pike, take Vampire Powder and search the room.

Go to the library and put away the objects you won't use any more: old sword, empty bible, dagger, iron key...)

To the courtyard. Go to the smithy. Take the bowl in the embers. Put the crucifix in the bowl. Dip an arrow into the bowl.

Go to the stables and kill the werewolf with the silver arrow. Take horse hair. Pull the last ring and ...YES!!! A golden key!

Get back to the kitchen and have Elvira mix new spells: Knight Elixir (?), Manticore, and Mushroom Tenderness (?). Goto the courtyard.

Walk down to the catacombs. Look for the "Stone Monster" and kill it. (Save before doing this 'cuz he's a bit hard to defeat') Once you've killed it, take his stone (hence the name...) and enter the room he comes from. Search the graves, take the brown key.

Get out of this room and search ALL the other rooms in there. Be sure to search the LEFT graves before the RIGHT graves. When you finally discover an empty grave, put the skeleton into it. When you open the right grave, water spurts and... go for a bit of Scuba diving guys!

Get back to the surface as soon as possible (the well), then swim down the well and to the iron gate. Unlock the gate with the brown key. Swim to the surface (and do this each time the computer tells you you're choking).

Search the bottom of the swamps/marsh. And WOW! Another Golden key on a corpse! Find the iron gate, re-open it and come out through the well.

Make numerous fights to increase your SKILL (e.g. go round the ramparts (The knight must be killed with the crossbow)). When you're trained well, go see the captain at the entrance (that sinister guy who had you brought to the dungeon at the beginning of the game...) and SLAY him. Steal his golden key concealed under the note on the wall.

Walk again to the torture chamber. Take the pair of pincers. Head for the kitchen take embers with the pair of pincers. (Your pincers will have a glowing tip.)

Go to the ramparts and to the ready-to-use cannon, and use the pincers on the match. Go to the "destroyed tower". Close-up on the chest and use the 6 golden keys from the left to the right. When the chest is open, take the dagger and the parchment.

Head for the catacombs. Use the parchment to get rid of the spectres. Walk to the intersection of two tunnels where one finds a hole in the ground. Close-up on the hole. Use the Stone from the monster in that hole.

Use each power-up spell you have. In the hole. Insert the sword in the hole (in the middle of the star), it disturbs Emelda for a brief moment.

Take advantage of it and use the parchment, then use the dagger.