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Elvira III




The game doesn't have an inventory limit, so pick up all you want. All items found in a waxwork immediately disappear when you complete the area, so there's no need to worry about carrying useless items from one waxwork to the next.

Which waxwork you decide to tackle first is entirely up to you, since each is a self contained adventure, and none of your experience levels will go with you. For your information, the Cemetery is the easiest and the shortest, followed by the Pyramid (it's not so much hard to solve but it's the longest waxwork to complete), Mine, and finally London.

This walkthrough will not tell you when to save your game, except for instances when there's a pre-planned, life threatening situation. Other than that, use common sense and save periodically.

Also, there is no map that's included with this. Since the game gives experience points for each space you explore, it's best if you just mapped (or explored) on your own anyway. However, I do give general directions to make up for no maps.


Off you go to save your beloved princess, who's conveniently held captive by an evil priest. You'll travel through 6 six levels to find her, and come across some of the best puzzles in the game.

Trip Wires are barely visible, and only found in the pyramid waxwork. You'll need to click the wire itself, and select the command AVOID to avoid the trap.

There are wooden supports that need to be knocked over, one for each of the first three levels of the pyramid. You'll need to find the hammer to knock the supports out, which causes a blocked section above to fall, allowing access to further parts in the level immediately above.

Tiles are what you'll need to collect in order to reach the sixth and final level. One each is found on the first five levels.

Tuning Forks are sonic devices used to destroy certain glass walls by their pitch. You'll find five of these throughout the pyramid.

Rolling Boulder traps are usually triggered by a pressure plate on the ground. Fortunately, if you activate one, you can still avoid the boulder by ducking off to a side corridor. (Make sure you don't run to the end of a corridor, where the boulder will naturally turn).

Pots: You'll find plenty of these. For your convenience, be sure to pick up 5 as soon as possible. It'll save you a bit of running around if you do.

Weapons: You'll come across swords, daggers and spears whenever you kill a temple guardian. Be sure to pick up a spear right away, since you'll need it for a certain puzzle.


NOTE: The lake hides a rather large crocodile. You'll need to take care of this croc with items received in a later level. Leave the area alone for now.

Find the pyramid architect and pull the knife out of his back. Search the room further to find a scarab, paper, papyrus, and a weight. You'll also need to grab the jar of oil, and the lit lamp.

Next you'll need to find the two piles of fine sand on this level. One pile is in the south-eastern section, and another pile located near the center of the level.

Go to the Northern section of the level to find a statue of a slave boy (surrounded by two fans). Grab the 440Hz tuning fork, which might be hidden in a pot.

Along the eastern section of the level, you'll encounter a glass wall. Use the 440Hz tuning fork to destroy it.

Just north of this wall, you'll find a treasure room with a tile, and another weight. Pick up both of these.

Travel south past the glass wall you destroyed, and keep an eye out for a trip wire near the southern corridor, near the third left turn.

Save your game, and go upstairs to face the algebraic puzzle. The puzzle begins a countdown immediately when you touch a tumbler, and if not solved before the sand runs out, you'll be killed. If you want to figure it out for yourself, then remember what Uncle Boris says "You'll need to come to an identical sum for each of the 5 points in the star." Trial and error algebra is required, or you can read the answer.

ANSWER (reflecting the 5 star points)

     8     4
       7  2


There's a statue in the northern section that hides another weight, and the hammer needed to knock out the supports. Grab both of these. But watch out, there's a wire trap in the area.

Knock out the support off to the east, then proceed back to level 1, where you're gonna knock out the support that you had left for the time being. After you do that, come back to this point.

Travel south along the eastern side of the pyramid, and you'll soon branch west. Hit the north corridor branch, and find a pot hiding another tuning fork at 261.63Hz. You should also find a pot with entrails inside (again, wire trap in the area).

Head back to the east/west corridor, and travel west. You'll come across your second valuable tile piece, so be sure to pick it up. Travelling further west, you'll encounter hot coals. You can't cross this, yet.

Return to level 1 to take care of the crocodile in the lake (save first). Do so by dropping the entrails, then stepping back. With spear in hand, attack the croc. Now fill all 5 pots with water at the lake and proceed back to the hot coals on level 2.

Dump all 5 pots on the coals, and continue along until you come to the stairs leading up. You'll then encounter your second puzzle, which happens to be a lot easier than the first one. Just turn the taps so the liquid logically flows to the ankh vial. You're not going to be able to move all the liquid into the jar, but as long as the ankh jar fills faster than the snake jars, you're safe. (Note: You may have to turn a few taps to distribute liquid from a near full snake jar to another one).


Travel till you encounter your first glass wall for this level. Use the 261.63Hz tuning fork to break the wall, and travel past where the corridor turns left.

Knock out the support, but make sure you're on the EAST side of the support before you do this (facing back from where you came).

Along the eastern side of this level, you'll find your third tile in a dead-end corridor. Now head south to find the peculiar room with the cracked jar hanging from the ceiling. Do NOT cut the rope that holds the jar. Instead, place your two piles of sand to lower the jar, causing the southern door to open.

Travel through the now open door, where you should soon find yourself heading west along the pyramid's southern side. You'll find a northern branch in the corridor that hides a pot with a 415.3Hz tuning fork. Grab it and get yourself back to the main drag.

Find a rock hidden in a small alcove, and then the corridor turns north along the western edge. Travel north, being careful to avoid the wire trap in your way. You'll also notice another treasure room. Before you step inside, though, throw the rock into the room, which causes the arrow trap to activate. Now you can step inside and get the bow and arrow. Leave the rock; you don't need it anymore.

Head north again to find the stairway up.


Just travel the linear corridor, where it'll soon turn south. When you finally hit the four way branch, head north to find the 369.99Hz tuning fork, hidden in a pot (that's again guarded by a wire trap).

Head back to level 3, and find the glasswall I told you to leave alone. You guessed it! Use the 369.99Hz tuning fork to break the wall, and use it again on the next glass. Find a pot that hides a 329.63Hz tuning fork.

Head back to Level four's four-way stop, and head straight west to come to the Stone Needle area. Fire your arrow (with bow) and a small stone slab should fall down, allowing further progress.

Follow the corridor, and you'll encounter another glass wall. Use the 329.63Hz tuning fork and continue onward. Knock out the next support and find the Path of Life room. (save game)

To cross this room, take a look at the papyrus you found on the dead Architect (level 1). You want to select the symbols that are NOT on the papyrus (remember: Anubis represents death, who happens to be the figure on the papyrus). You should now be safely across, so find walk to the stairway up. (save game)


Travel along the corridor, until you reach area where the gas trap triggers (you can't avoid this). Now immediately when the gas starts appearing onscreen, turn LEFT to activate the device and get yourself out of here.

Continue westward until you reach the area with the murals (another wire trap along the way). Find an amulet on the dead artist, and examine both room's southern murals. Notice the symbol order on the first mural, that reflects the symbols on the five tiles you now have.

Attack both southern murals to reveal hidden passageways. In the room with the tile, first drop the jar of oil on the ground, then click the ground to light it (you'll need the lamp in hand to do this). Grab the final tile, and hit the stairway up.


Find the western alcove, where you'll notice another pot that hides another weight. Continue north into the room with the sarcophagus. Place the beetle brooch (scarab from level 1) into the slot, and look inside to save your gal and find the final weight.

In the same room, place all the weights on the scale until both sides are equally balanced. If done, a corridor should reveal itself to your left, heading southward. Enter to kill the priest (he's not hard at all), and encounter the final puzzle.

Walk to the statue and insert the amulet from the dead artist. Then click DOWN and push the statue. Ta-dah! You're all done!


Watch our for the bobbies, who patrol certain sections of the city. If they catch you, you're dead. At the same time, keep an eye out for the angry mob. They're after Jack, and will pounce anyone they come across, including you. Be extra careful, though, since the mob moves fast, and can surprise you.

You can't fight in this waxwork, so the only way you'll build up your experience is by exploring each space on the map. Since your final showdown with Jack is the only fight scene, you might want to do some experience exploring on your own to prepare yourself for the fight.

London at the close of the 19th century. Not the prettiest place on earth; not by a long shot. But it is home to all manner of folk. Even to mass murderers like Jack the Ripper, who just happens to be your evil twin brother. Take him out and you'll make London a safer place to live.

You first appear at a murder site. You can examine the dead girl, but be quick about it; the bobbies are on their way. Make sure to grab the purse that's lying right next to the poor girl, and get out of the area QUICK.

Open the purse to find a diary and some small change. Read the diary, but notice how part of the final paragraph is missing. You'll need to fix that later.

Due south of the dead girl is a long east/west street that's dotted with numerous shops. Make your way to the street that runs parallel to this one, but on the southern side.

Along the length of this street, you'll find 3 opened doors; two with barrels, and one with a ladder going up (there's a third barrel out in the street -- this isn't the one you want). Examine the barrels and take their contents (a rope in one, animal guts in the other). Leave the ladder alone for now.

Head all the way south, till you reach the docks. It's an area with three doors, two of which are padlocked for now. The door furthest west is not locked, however, and you'll want to enter to find the loose plank that's on the jetty.

Head back to the door with the ladder. Climb up and place the rope on the chimney, and drop the plank to close the gap between the two buildings.

Shimmy down the rope, enter the building through its window and enter a lawyer's office. Find the letter with the key, and grab the map out of the filing tray.

Head downstairs and enter the tailor's shop. Grab some items of clothing, and wear them. This will allow you entrance into the Black Bull Tavern (located on the same street as the small shops).

Head back to the roof and cross the placed plank. Head downstairs into the locksmith's shop. Grab both keys off the key rack (a skeleton and security key). You'll also want to grab the pencil laying on the counter near the till on the other side of the room (where are locate some sort of shoes).

Look at your diary. Go ahead and use your pencil to reveal the rest of the entry. Climb back down the ladder.

With skeleton key in hand, head to due east till you come to a four way stop, and head north until you can only go east or west. Head east into the doorway, and open the locked door with your skeleton key. Enter and grab bottle of sleeping pills. Now lace the animal guts with 'em.

Head the barrel that was sitting in the street, near the opened doorway that hid the barrel with rope. Click the barrel and climb on to it. Drop the animal guts on to the dog. Unlatch the bolt and enter the doorway.

Grab the police whistle and gentleman's sword cane. Move the clothing that's hanging, and open the safe with your security key. Take the gold pocketwatch and leave.

Head to the Black Bull tavern and talk to the landlord. Get him to tell you about the Pimp and the map (he should end with a warning about the pickpocket sitting at the bar). Talk to the pimp, who will ask for 2 pounds in return for an address book. Since you can't afford it, talk to the pickpocket and propose to him a job. Give him the gold pocketwatch, and you'll soon have a key and address book.

Examine the address book and notice where Molly lives. Using the map you got from the office, find your way over to her house. Enter and grab the letter from the dead girl. Go ahead and read it.

Now head to the Ship tavern, located along at the south of London, along the river Thames (save). Enter and talk to the landlord. Tell him you're looking for entertainment, and then ask about Molly Parkin. Talk to him again, and tell him you've got something he needs to see. Accept his mission to save his tea and leave (he'll give you a crowbar at this time).

You'll notice there's a group of thugs located at the two exit streets that lead out of the area, and another bobbie at the final exit. Face the western most thugs, but don't step into the alleyway. Now facing due west, blow your police whistle and run to the dead end. Wait till you see the message about feet shuffling. Now the thugs are gone, so you can make your way to the docks along the south-eastern edge of London. Again, along the river Thames.

Enter the middle padlocked door (your key from the lawyer's office will open it). Find the crate that's barely open (located in the western part of the room, along the bottom row). Open it, now that you have the crowbar and grab the tea.

Head back to the Ship tavern and talk to the landlord. Get the key for the final padlocked door, next to the tea warehouse.

Save the game, then enter to talk to Molly. Tell her you want to kill Jack and step on to the jetty for the final encounter with Jack the Ripper.

Jack's a little tough; he requires lots of swings, and he blocks exceptionally well. Trying clicking your attack along the left side of the screen, and when you manage to hit him, he'll take a step backward. Attack again and you should automatically step forward to meet him. Keep it up, and Jack will soon get a taste of his own medicine. You won!


Your brother has mutated into a thulhu-ish monstrosity, and he needs to be stopped. The only way you're gonna do this is with the help of a few NPCs in this waxwork.

Fights in this Waxwork are tough. Fortunately, there's an easy method to knock out the man-plants that like to walk around, scratching or shooting spooge on you. Otherwise, a fight with a regular weapon will be quite difficult.

Weapons: You'll find are a screwdriver, shovel, pickax, and iron piece. If you insist with fighting melee, then my experience leads me to believe the screwdriver or shovel are the most effective weapons.

Pods and vines are the organic traps in this waxwork. To get rid of them, you'll have to use some weedkiller (or fuel); it's the only way to be sure.

You start out in a mine elevator. Check out the injured guy right next to you (no, he's not dead!). Grab the screwdriver and lighter from him. Step back one square, look back at him, and grab the canister of weed killer. This is your best weapon for this waxwork; it'll make short work of the monsters and traps in the area. Unfortunately, it only has 12 charges, but you can refill it at a special place.

Head due east, where you'll find your first plant-man encounter. Go ahead and use the spray can to take 'im out quick. Follow the cart tracks till you reach your first branch heading north, where you'll find, in a small alcove, a pickax. Grab it. A little to your west, there's a corridor that heads south, then turns hard left to a dead end. Here, you'll find a gas bottle and welding mask. Go ahead and take 'em.

Leave the dead end passage and head west, and then north. You'll eventually find yourself at the north side of the mine, travelling along an east/west passageway. The first southern alcove will hold a shovel, which you might as well take. Immediately after this alcove, keep a close eye on the right wall; there's a burnt pit prop right close, and you'll need to scrape some of the charcoal off. Do this twice so you have two pieces of charcoal.

Continue heading east, where you'll find a gas generator in a niche. This is where you'll refill your weed canister with fuel in place of weed killer. To refill, face the generator and take the lower cap off. Quickly drag your canister on to the flowing gasoline, then recap it. NOTE: Do NOT refill unless you're running low on charges with the canister (remember, it's got 12 shots when you first find it).

Continue east until the passage turns south. Notice the locked door. You can't get in yet, so continue wrap around till you're heading back west. Continue onward, where the passage will turn south. Keep going and you'll pass another locked door with prisoners inside. Again, you can't get in -- yet. Continue past, but take out the vines and the pod that guard your way to the cart tracks ahead. Now's probably a good time to refill your canister with fuel, so tread back and take care of it, then come back to this point.

Now head west, back from where you came, along the tracks and take the first left you come to. This is a straightforward passage, but watch out for the pod in the area. You'll come across another plantman or two, but you should find a pit prop in the area. If you travel further along the passage, you'll eventually find another locked door. Since you've got the fallen pit prop, head back to the cart tracks.

Now head east along the tracks, but stop as soon as you find your first right turn (it heads south). Enter this southern passage, and knock out the pods in your way. You'll soon hit a branch, where you can go either left or right. First hit right, taking out the vine further in. Grab BOTH broken cables that hang on the southern wall, and return to the branch.

Heading in the direction you didn't go at the branch, you'll come to another left/right decision. Take the right again. You'll notice you're entering a part of the mine that's progressively getting darker. Watch for the pod (it's kinda hard to see) and proceed to the end of this short tunnel. There's a dead guy here, so grab his drill, and face the southern wall. Feel around for a hole, then click on FEEL to find a drill bit. Exit back out to that second branch and again, head in the direction you didn't go. Here you'll find a welding torch in a north/south passage, a pod (kill it!), and a dead engineer who hides a toolkit and handkerchief (search him to find this item).

Head back out to the cart track and head back westward. Count three steps and drop the pit prop on the ground (right before a left turning passage). Now head back east, travelling SLOWLY till you notice a cart heading right for you. Get the hell out of the way!! (Duck into a side passage). Find the cart where you dropped the pit prop, and look inside. Take the iron piece. Noticed how those pesky programmers decided to block your way with the cart? Well, that's why we stopped it right here; so you're not blocked off to any part of the mine. Okay, so you'll have to do a little walking, but hey!

Head back east from where the cart came rolling in from. You'll notice a small passage that branches left, guarded by a pod. Kill it, then kill the vine right behind it. Notice the dead guy? Okay, take his medical kit and key, then search him for your second handkerchief.

Now that you have the welding mask, gas bottle, and welding torch, you can proceed to burn the locks off those three doors you encountered. Go to the prisoners, and talk to all but the one furthest left. Great! We've got a demolitions expert, but he needs some equipment. No problem, I'll tell you where they are :) Talk to the doctor, but don't let her join you just yet. She can heal your wounds, but don't use up the medical supplies from the med kit, or she won't have enough for the injured man you met at the start of the mine.

Okay, so you need 8 sticks of dynamite, a detonator, a drill (hole borer), and some protection for him against the big monster (a protective suit and gasmask). You can find all these items in the two other locked doors, and then some. When you're all done, you want these items: Detonator, dynamite (12 sticks, just to be sure), 2 protective suits, 3 gas masks, 2 Molotov's, and 2 glass bottles.

After you find these items, you'll have to manually give them to the explosives expert. But before you can hand him a gasmask, you'll need to place a filter inside. Wrap the two pieces of charcoal with the two handkerchiefs. Put one in each mask (you'll have a third mask, but you won't have enough filters). Now give the guy everything, and while you're at it, wear the gas mask (with the filter) and the protective suit. Talk to him again so he'll join you in destroying the mine.

Head south to the cart track, and head all the way east. Enter the room with the monster (save), and use your iron piece as a weapon. Thrust, and you'll poke out all its eyes, at which time, you'll place explosives into all 8 wall pieces in this small room (to place, just face the wall). Your mate will give you the go if it's all placed.

Head back and get the doctor to join you. Now travel back to the injured miner at the elevator, and have the doctor heal. You'll have to leave your spray canister so she'll feel safe. Wait a bit, then talk to the injured guy. He says a lot, but end with your telling him that the mine is rigged to blow. He should give you an antidote to heal the third guy in the prison, who just happens to be the only one who can repair the elevator. Head back to heal him up. But before you do, go ahead and grab the canister. The doctor will end up following you, but that's okay; she did her job.

Give the antidote to the sick electrician, and he'll join you. Head back to the elevator, and turn around. Unlock the elevator safety door (click at the top of the screen), and close it. Go ahead and save your game, then turn around and click the control panel to bring it up. Use your detonator, then immediately press the upper button on the control panel. There, you're all finished!


Well this particular waxwork looks like a Night of The Living Dead remake. Here you'll be fighting Zombies, which aren't too bad; just hack their limbs off, and follow through with a decapitation. But you'll ultimately have to find your Necromancer brother, Vladimir, and dispose of him properly.

Head due east and find the dead gardener. Grab the sickle; it'll serve as your only weapon in this waxwork. Head north while keeping yourself close to the eastern fence. You should find a piece of Iron Railing sticking out approximately in the middle of the way from the fence, so grab it when you see it (it's kinda tricky to catch).

Find the Ancestor's Tomb located in the North-Eastern area of the cemetery and the Iron Railing to open it. Open the coffins and talk to the dead, but avoid the one on the far right. Buy hey, check it out if you'd like to see another death sequence.

Okay, you just learned from Druec you'll need a spell to take care of Vlad. Talk to Uncle Boris about it, or read on to save yourself some work.

Head to the center of the cemetery, where there's a dead femme laying on the ground. Pull out her heart -- she won't be needing it anymore. When you're running low on HPs, talk to Uncle B, who can then use the fresh heart to heal you to maximum. Be careful, you only have one heart, so make it count.

Travel to the western side of the cemetery, and then northward to find a wooden stake. Grab the stake and sharpen it with your handy sickle. Then enter the small church where you'll encounter Vlad's vampiric bodyguard. Use the stake on the poor sucker, then grab the plate with the consecrated bread. You can leave the candles and chalice alone.

Talk to Uncle Boris about making that spell Druec mentioned. With the bread in your inventory, no problem! But don't forget to examine the statue in the church, especially its neck. Turn it to de-active the forcefield that guards the door near the entrance.

Before you enter the doorway, make sure you un-equip your sickle in place of your fists (remember, Uncle B's spell requires you to touch Vlad with flesh to take effect). Enter and punch the unnatural sap. You won!


Listen to Uncle Boris, and notice your items. Head to the witch waxwork and save your game. Wear the amulet, then enter the waxwork.

First thing upon entering, throw the vial at the witch. Now quickly grab the crossbow on the tree stump towards the lefthand side of the screen. Wait for dear old daddy to cut off the witch's hand.

When the with appears, grabbing her stumpy arm, use the crossbow to pierce her eyeball. She'll fall to the ground, where you should immediately use the knife and stick it in her throat.

Now that the witch is dead, you're back in Uncle B's house. Listen to his little message, then face your brother, who's slumped in a corner. Look at him, then use the ring. There you go! Game over!