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Typed in by SKID ROW.  Edited by PARASITE.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: How To Use This Clue Book
PART ONE: The Killbragant Transcript
PART TWO: Walkthrough (SOLUTION!)
PART THREE: Location of Magic Ingredients


Part One is for players who don't like to be spoon fed.  It focuses on some
of the more difficult puzzles that the average player will encounter in
Elvira, then offers hints & clues.  Some are straightforward, some are kind
of oblique.  All are presented in an interview with this guy named Bob
who answered Elvira's call for help, and nearly succeeded
... until he met an untimely Undeath.

This transcript won't give you everything - it will however, help you locate
obscure items, or negotiate particularly dangerous areas.  In any case, Part
One does offer you a way to move forward without forcing us to coddle or
condescend, two attitudes which, frankly, disgust us.

Part Two walks you to the final solution in a most expedent manner.  Only
the Weird, the Desperate or the Damned may use this section.  Elvira has
suggested that all others be hunted down and publicly flogged.

Part Three lists all important ingredients available in the game where
each one is located.


The Killbragant Transcript

Bob R. (not his real name) is a sales executive with a Van Nuys telemarketing
firm.  A veteran of many encounters through personal ads.  Bob first met
Elvira about a year ago.  "In the dungeon at Killbragant," he says.  "She
wore black, as I recall."  He agreed to these interviews reluctantly, and
only after Elvira's intervention.  "I'd do anything for her," he confided at
one point.  "I'd grovel.  I'd watch opera."

We met Bob four times over the course of the pre-Halloween season.  Each
interview took place only after much covert maneuvering - plane flights,
multiple cabs, waiting for messages at pay phones, etc.  Bob often expressed
a concern about what he called "ectoterrorist reprisal."  We met in a host of
odd locations.

Once settled, Bob was generally amiable and forthcoming.  But he also showed
glimpses of a demonic, almost schizoid hyperintelligence.  He would fidget,
slide his watch up & down, spill things.  Certain details of his sojourn
through Killbragant clearly unsettled him; his narrative would digress, grow
convoluted, oblique.  At times he even spoke in parables, as if incapable
of saying The Thing itself, whatever it was.  Bob was clearly in the grips
of some primal dread during these instances.

(One last note:  Accolade was good enough to include a clause in the standard
contract which forbade "any form of biting, sucking, making scary noises, or
in any manner placing a condition of bondage upon the will of the

October 18

(Bear Country Restaurant, Disneyland)

ACC: You vampires hang out in interesting places.

BOB: Hey, I wasn't a vampire when I started.  I was just a guy.  I answered
Elvira's ad because I needed the cash.  I had certain agencies leaning on me.
Debts. So maybe my motivation wasn't pure.  But then I met her.  Saw her
assets.  I thought.  Yeah.  It could work.  I'm not without a certain
paleolithic charm.  I've dated biker chicks, with some success.

ACC: Point well made.  So how did ... this happen?  The fang thing?

BOB: I did OK in the castle, but I got careless.  I wasn't ready for Emelda.
Now I'm Undead.  It's a drag, man.

ACC: How so?

BOB: I go out with the guys, all I can think about is sucking their necks.
It's not too comfortable.  We play squash - at night, of course - they say:
What happened to golf, Bob?  We never see you, man.  I tell them sunlight
ignites my transmogrified cells.  It's like:  What can I say, guys?  I
shriek, I turn into dust.  They laugh.  I say, What do I gotta do,
bite someone?  They crack up.

ACC: They don't believe you.

BOB: No.

ACC: What about the fangs?

BOB: Guess I've always been a little long in the tooth.

ACC: OK.  Well, life must be a lot different since you became a nocturnal
creature consumed by an obsessive bloodlust.

BOB: English major?  (laughs)  But let's get to it.  You're asking me for
hints, clues.  OK.  I still remember walking into Killbragant.  Nice name, I
thought.  Kind of place Jack the Ripper runs around.

ACC: Slaughtering antelope or whatever.

BOB: (laughs) Right.  So I go in, take a few tentative lefts, rights.  This
guy steps out.  Dressed in a red tunic, got his hand on a sword.  I say:
Where's the Renaissance festival, man?  Guy growls and starts slashing me.
Hey.  Remember this anecdote.  It happens about a hundred more times.

So anyway, I stab him.  He dissolves.  Gives me a first clue I'm not dealing
with normal Joes.  I get the hell out of the castle.  I'm running, I'm
looking I wander around the Courtyard.  I stumble on some kind of weird
Souvenir Shop.  Big Deal, right?  Hay.  Horses eat it.  So what?  Who needs

ACC: Take a guess.

BOB: You got it.  Before I get any further, let me drop some big advice to
anyone stuck in Killbragant.  It has to do with grabbing stuff.  Do it, man.
Grab everything.  Mix every possible spell & potion you can.  You'll be in
deep cow sauce if you don't.  (building to a feverish pace)  And speaking of
spells & potions:  Save strength potions, etc, for situations where you
really need a kick.  Keep a lot of spells at your disposal.  Visit Elvira in
the kitchen whenever possible.  Search all locations for ingredients.
Have I made my point?  And since I'm giving general advice, here's more.
Some goons are brutal.  Others might as well be freaking ballerinas.
Dispatch your wimpier goons hand-to-hand.  Save spells & potions for the real
meats.  With some opponents, certain spells are more effective than others.
For example, maze creatures are particularly vulnerable to Palmlight and Fire
Wall.  The elite guards are tough too ... but nothing a little Thunderflash
or a Sizzling Egge can't handle.  And you can blow away Emelda's shrieking
handmaidens with a Propitious Surprise or two.  One more thing:  Don't forget
to eat.
(slumps in chair)  Whoa.  Somebody call an ambulance.

ACC: Impressive.  Are you familiar with Molly Bloom's soliloquy?

BOB: Who?

ACC: It's in Ulysses.  (pause)  That's a book.

BOB: Book?  Hey.  I'm a sales guy.

October 21

(Happy Donuts, South of Market, San Francisco)

ACC: I cut myself shaving before I came here.  You're not going to suck my
wounds, are you?

BOB: No, no.  (looking around)  Listen, man, you notice any red glowing eyes?  On the way in?

ACC: No.  I did see a couple kids smoking cigarettes through their ears.

BOB: (shakes his head)  Urban America.

ACC: Exactly.  So where were we?

BOB: So. I go in the Souvenir Shop, grab a shield, move on.  I'm thinking:
Bob.  Be a man.  Go in the castle.  I get to the Armoury.  I'm poking around,
looking at things, and it hits me:  I need a crossbow.  I need it bad.
I don't know why.

After getting the Magic Book from an obvious location, I head back to the
Kitchen.  I dig up honey, produce the hay.  Here's hay, I say, and snort
like a horse.  You know.  Guy humor.  Elvira whips up a little Herbal Honey
potion.  Suddenly, wham, I know everything, I'm a horticultural genius.
I look at plants, I say: Whoa, that's hibiscus.  Goldenrod, man Pansy.

ACC: (impressed)  Do you still have that ability?

BOB: Yeah.  But it's not a real great skill at Monday Night Football parties.
You know too many flowers, it makes guys nervous.

ACC: Well, I headed out.  After some checking upstairs - lot of crossbow
bolts laying around - I wandered out to this Garden Shed (shudders)  Not a
pretty sight, man.  I grabbed what I could.  The Herb Garden itself was
nearby, but I took a few practice shots at a target I found.  Then on to the
Garden.  Major herbs, man.

Say, what time is it?

ACC: About 6 AM.

BOB: Hmmm.  Anyway, I went back inside and was about to head back upstairs,
but thought I'd peek in the Living Room first, see if they got a TV, maybe
cable.  Watch some ESPN, yell.  No luck.  But I did find this wooden stake
and, more importantly, a cup.  I wandered back upstairs.  It's like: Got a
cup, need malted drinkables.  (laughs)  But there's this vampire in one of
the bedrooms.  Had to dust her.  Literally.

ACC: Seems perfunctory.  Was she threatening you?

BOB: Hey.  Nobody told me this was an Inquisition.

ACC: Sorry.  We retract the question.

BOB: Anyway, that's Undeath, man.  You make your coffin, you gotta sleep in

ACC: What happened next?

BOB: Well, I wandered around some more, grabbing stuff - bibles, bolts -
then back downstairs.

What's that light?

October 24

(Hilltop Steak House, Boston)

ACC: How's your hand?

BOB: What, you wanna see the dust?  Hey, next time you see a beam of sunrise
creep across the wall, do me a favor - let me know.  (fondles stump)  I got
enough problems trying to shave and exfoliate with no reflection in the
mirror.  Now this.

ACC: Sorry.  It was poor time management.  Can you remember where you were
before you got vaporized?

BOB: Yeah.  I remember.

ACC: You seem agitated tonight, Bob.

At this point our witness brings out steaks.  Bob's filet barely cooked; he
requested it "lightly singed on both sides."  It looks like a slab of flesh
floating in a soup of blood - which is, of course, precisely what it is.
I can see a tinge of lust in his eyes.  Yellowish tips of canine teeth appear
at the corners of his mouth.

BOB: (snarls)  Rrrrrrrr.

ACC: Meat does that to me too.

BOB: (seems not to hear)  I split for the Kitchen.  I need spells.  But
there's this cook.  Psycho, pal.  Loon patrol.  And she's fairly invincible.
But there is a way to waste her.  You like irony?  (hold up salt shaker)
The most basic cooking condiment anyone can imagine.  Naturally, you won't
find it in the Kitchen.  The cook put it down where a sprinkle in the eye
can do some good.  (forks his blood rare meat)  Gruesome?  Hey, it's that
kind of place.  Get used to it.

ACC: So there's a cook.

BOB: Think of her as something in need of seasoning. (salts his steak)
Got it?  Now Elvira shows up.  She needs a "light."  If you have one for
her, the results will be pretty good.  I'm talking key, man.  And
that's the point, isn't it?  (shouting)  That's what you live for.
Keys.  Get those keys.

ACC: Bob -

BOB: (banging wrist stump on table)  You want another one?  Bolt a bird,
get a key.  But you better find the egg.  An amazing egg.  Get it?
A-maze-ing?  Can you follow this?  Get to the center of things.  You'd
better take a crossbow and magic, or run a lot.  Is this too complex for
you?  Should I hire an interpreter?  (picks up filet with remaining hand,
eats)  When you find the water, take all items.  Now find the nest.  But
beware the eyes.  Let me spell it out: E-Y-E-S.  And indeed you must spell
them out.  Get it?  Spell them out?  Am I getting too arcane, too esoteric?
(hails waitress)  Nest.  Find.  Take all.  Including some interesting
jewelry - Elvira's "lost" ring.  If you build it, he will come.  Open the
pod bay doors,

HAL.  (regains composure)  Geez.  Have I been, you know ... raving?

ACC: Only in a linear sense.

BOB: Am I drooling?  (glances where his reflection would be in wineglass)
I can never tell.  Anyway, next go to the Chapel in the Castle.  I'm not a
religious guy, but there's a cross there you wouldn't believe .  By chance
I glance at the ring from the Maze.  I look at the cross, the ring, the cross
again.  I think.  Whoa. Next thing I know, I'm facing the entrance to a
secret underground chamber and ... Picture this: You're facing a wall.
You gotta sneeze.  You got no handkerchief.  So you pull this scroll out of
the bible you're carrying.  USE it - next thing you know, you're facing some
Joe from centuries beyond.  There's a crown.  You put it where it belongs.
There's also a sword.  It's holy.  And when something's holy, pal, you don't
just file it under "H".

Waitress approaches.

WAITRESS: Finished, sir?

BOB: (gestures to blood on empty plate)  Can I get a doggy bag?

Waitress leaves.  Quickly.

ACC: I was reading the profile on you in the October issue of Telemarketing
Today.  Congratulations.  I didn't realize you were so successful.  What's
your secret?

BOB: I bite necks.

ACC: Ah.

BOB: A lot of my clients are blood acolytes.  I'm their Master.  So they buy
from me pretty exclusively.

ACC: Wow.  The article also mentions your recent divorce -

BOB: No comment.

ACC: OK.  But you talk about Killbragant's battlements - you told them, and
I'm quoting here.  "They gave me hell."  Could you elaborate on that

BOB: Sure.  Battlements.  What the name implies.  Serious fighting.  The
worst is this Grey Knight - he's an archer - and, well, he has another key.
Don't let him get in close.  Fight him from a distance with the
appropriate weapon.  Once you waste him, you'd better note where.  Because
you won't get the key now, you have to get it later.

Then there's the Dungeon, the Torture Chamber. There's a ring on the floor.
That's all I can say on the matter, except this: Touch nothing else.  You can
come back later for other items.  The Burial Chambers in the Catacombs hold a
few interesting little tchotchkes too.  But a strict order of progression
must be followed.  All I can say here is: Find the iron key first.  In
another chamber, you'll find a coffin bereft of proper contents.  Remedy
this.  Note: Do not open the other coffin in this room until, one, you have
the iron key, and two, you've made sure the well-rope is in the "down"

ACC: But what about the monster with the stone?

BOB: Slay him.  Take the stone.  (cackles)  Or maybe you'd like to FAX him a

ACC: So now you can open the other, closed coffin. What happens?

BOB: Well, the room will flood.  Swim until you find a place to go up -
i.e., the bottom of the Well.  It's a good idea to then actually swim up at
this point, because last time I checked, humans are still airbreathing

OK, now you go down again, and just swim, baby.  Here's where you need that
iron key ... and here's also why you should have noted where you slew
the Grey Knight.  If you did your homework, the Knight's key is yours.
Return to the Well and go up.

You know, it suddenly strikes me that I'm being much too literal.  Geez, I
might as well draw you a map.

ACC: Could you?  [Editor's Note: See Part Four: Maps]

October 27

(Moose Call Tavern, Kalispell, Montana)

ACC: OK, the recorder's on.  Let me say for the record that we're the only
people in here who are not wearing hip boots.

BOB: (unfolds sheet of paper)  They're good people. Mountain people.  They
accept you for what you are.

ACC: And what's that?

BOB: A weenie.  (laughs)

ACC: No, I mean, what is that paper?

BOB: Oh.   I wrote a little story.  I think it will clear up things.  You
know, answer questions.  Create context.  (begins to read)

We were in a supermarket when Carl first turned into a werewolf.  It was
night, of course.  We were stumbling through PRODUCE.  Carl was hefting a
cantaloupe and felt a bristling on the back of his neck.

Aaaaa.  A caterpillar or something, he said.

But when he jabbed his hand under his collar, brown fetid fur literally burst
out.  It was no slow movie transformation.  He more or less exploded into

I said, Carl.  You won't believe this but you look like a werewolf to me
right now.

He looked at his hands.  I am a werewolf, he said.

I thought.  Now what?  Carl was bulging through his clothes. He smelled

We made for the doors.  In the car, Carl let out a gruesome howl.  I looked
at him and said, Whoa, dude.

He looked back with wide, yellowish, baleful eyes.

He said, I need a nap.

I said, Slump down a little, will you?  Here.  Put on this hat.

I handed him my Nebraska Cornhusker Football cap.  He had to unsnap the
plastic band to get it over his wolf ears.

I'm pretty hungry for meat, he said.

Suddenly we were illuminated by flashing lights.  I pulled over and watched
the rear view mirror.  The backlit police officer approached.  He leaned to
the window and said.  Your driver's license.

I pulled it out.  I suppose you want to search the car for contraband, I said.

The cop looked around me at Carl, who was by now hibernating.  He said: That's
the hairiest guy I've ever seen.

He's not always like that, I said.

The cop scribbled on a ticket, then handed it to me with my license.

Keep your nose clean, he said.  Eat more salads.  Vote.

I thanked him and sped off.  At the first light, I glanced down at the
ticket.  The note read: Go to Foundry.  Find crucible.  Melt silver cross in
crucible.  Dip crossbow bolt.  I got the gory gist, but it seemed premature.
I mean, I was beginning to think of Carl as something like a pet.  But then he
woke up.

Agrrrdgdaaaah!  he said, drooling with an uncontrollable hunger for flesh.

I said, You gotta see this castle, Carl.

I headed to Killbragant.  On the way Carl hung out of the car, howling and
swiping at pedestrians.

ACC: (after a long pause)  That's it?

BOB: What do you mean, "That's it?"

ACC: I don't get it.  Is there a moral or something?  Like, what does it mean?

BOB: Hey, I'm a vampire.  I don't have to give explanations.  What, you want
morals from a guy who sucks necks?  You want meaning?  (tosses paper to floor)
This is art.  It doesn't need meaning.

October 31, Halloween Eve
(Black Angel Cemetery, Council Bluffs, Iowa)

ACC: I'm not too comfortable here, Bob.

BOB: (amused)  Hey, Chill.  You're with me, man.  That counts for something
around here.  (looks into eyes of interviewer)  Are you getting sleepy yet?
Sleepy? Sleepy?

ACC: Hey.

BOB: Just kidding, man.

ACC: Well, let's get to business.  We've come to the last session.  You've
been quoted in the media as saying, "There's a certain percussive rush that
only an artillery fusillade can give you."  Can you be more specific?

BOB: Sure.  It goes back to that last day at Killbragant.  I'm wandering the
parapets, mooning around, feeling depressed.  But then I step in the Third
Tower and ... well, you know what's in there.  I burned to light that cannon
wick.  Yeah, sure, fire's scarce in Killbragant.  And when you do find it (in
an obvious enough place - a hearth kind of place),  how the hell do you take
it?  I spent a lot of time running around slaying things before i flashed on
the answer.  Torture Chamber.  An instrument -

Bob is interrupted at this point by a howling cacophony at a nearby crypt.
Despite Bob's hopes and my fears, it is merely a catfight.  After regaining
some composure, we continue.

BOB: What was I saying?

ACC: I don't remember.  I sort of don't care about anything at this point.

BOB: Relax.  You have immunity.  Even the spirit world respects the role of
the media.

ACC: Let's move quickly, shall we?  Where's the Fifth Key?

BOB: OK.  OK.  Anything to keep you from mewling again. The key's behind a
key in the Stable.  Which stone?  If my buddy Carl were here today, he'd tell
you.  Of course, he might also rend you into twitching gobbets of meat.
Werewolves are funny guys.  If you don't know how to get one off your back
yet, you weren't paying attention to art in Montana.

There is now only one key left to obtain.  The Captain of the Guard ... yeah,
the toughest motherbiter of them all.  You're gonna need armor, pal - but
first suck up all the strength you can.  Drop unnecessary items.  Enter
Captain's Room and weaken him before you go hand-to-hand.  Then take the
bulletin off the guy's bulletin board.  Guess what shows up?

ACC: Great.  So now you have all they keys?

BOB: Bingo.  Now you need to find the chest, and - Weird fluttering noises
distract us.

BOB: (looking around)  Uh ... I can't tell you exactly where, but - (makes
hand gestures that indicate a recently destroyed structure of some kind) -
you get the idea.  In the chest you'll find what you need. Take it ...
but don't use it yet.

ACC: And then Emelda.

BOB: Emelda.  Go to the Catacombs and keep a good eye on the floor.
Remember that stone you took from the monster?  It's a key.  Use it, my
friend.  Use it and pray.

ACC: That's it?

BOB: Yeah.  And may the Force be with you.

ACC: (paging through notes)  In other publications, you've been quoted as
saying:  "If you meet Emelda's handmaidens, they can only be destroyed
by magic."

BOB: No comment.

ACC: You spoke voluminously of your encounter with Emelda himself.  You
seemed to indicate that -

BOB: I've got nothing to say about Emelda.

ACC: But what about the Holy Sword of the Crusader?

BOB: (holds up five fingers)  The smart man will play all the angles.

ACC: And the contents of the chest?

BOB: Use one, then the other.  But isn't that a bit obvious?

ACC: OK, then.  One last thing.  Do you have any advice for those who might
perhaps, like you, fail Elvira and be cast into Undeath as bloodsucking
creatures of the night?

BOB: Yeah I do.  It's this:  Telemarketing is the wave of the future.
(laughs hideously)  Or maybe holography, I don't know.

ACC: Thanks, Bob.  You've been a good sport.  Listen, how do we get out of

BOB: (sprouts wings)  We?



Ok, we realize that Bob can be oblique to say the least.  So this section
charts the most direct path to the "solution" for Elvira.  The path takes
you from room to room, listing what you must do in the most efficient
"chronological" order.

Solutions are hidden under the weird red ectoplasm that Elvira smeared on
the pages.  Just slide the enclosed Magic Viewer slowly down over the
involves quantum physics and the exact weight of protons, the solutions will

NOTE: Decisions concerning (1) how to collect magic ingredients and (2) when
to use them are left to you.  For general guidelines see Bob's advice on
pages 4 and 5 in Part One.  Choose spells wisely.

Proceed to the Souvenir Shop.  Collect some hay from outside the stable on
the way.  At the Souvenir Shop, take the large (not the small) shield and
USE it.  Once activated, the shield will remain in use until it is dropped
or replaced with a larger shield.

Enter the castle and go to the Armoury.  Obtain a weapon.  (A sword is best)
Also take the crossbow.

Go to the Library.  Take the magic book.

Go to the Kitchen.  Take honey from the pantry. Mix honey and hay to make the
Herbal Honey spell.  USE spell.  (It allows you to recognize all herbs in
the Gardens)

Go upstairs and search bedrooms for crossbow bolts.  Don't go into the
Vampire's room yet.

Go to Garden Shed and collect key, hammer and silver cross.  Also, collect
magic ingredients (poppy maggots, etc) both there and along the way.

Leave Garden Shed and go to Herb Garden, collecting ingredients (mushrooms,
etc)  along the way.  En route to Herb Garden, take opportunity to improve
bow skills by using Archery Target until "message of improvement" is
received.  You will have to fight to enter Garden.  Open the Garden gate
with the key you found in the Garden Shed.

Return to castle and enter Living Room to get stake - and of course, more
ingredients (fern, etc).

Go upstairs and enter the Vampire's Room.  USE stake and then obtain vampire's
dust and crossbow bolts.


Go into Blue Bedroom.  Search drawers to find a bible.  In the bible is a
prayer scroll.  (Note about Upstairs.  You'll find more crossbow bolts in
some of the other rooms.)

Return to the Kitchen and MIX as many spells as possible.  If the cook is
there, she must be destroyed.  You need salt to do this, salt is found in
the Torture Chamber.  When the cook is dead, Elvira will take her place in
the kitchen.  At this point, turn to face the dumbwaiter.  Give Elvira a
Glowing Pride spell, then wait for her to get the FIRST KEY for you.

Go to Meadow and kill Falcon with crossbow.  Take the SECOND KEY, the feather
and retrieve your crossbow bolt.

Enter the maze and obtain bird's egg.  Make way towards center of maze.
Do not enter into hand-to-hand combat with maze creatures.  Either use the
crossbow or magic spells to fight them: otherwise, avoid them altogether.
Find the lily pond in the center of the maze, and take all items.

Now find the nest, which is nearby.  Maze creatures are sneaky, notorious
thieves.  Take back any items that might have been stolen from you en route -
they will be in the nest.  You'll also find Elvira's lost ring in the nest.
If there are "eyes" in the nest when you arrive, cast a spell on the nest to
destroy remaining creatures.

Make your way back downstairs to the Chapel. Insert Elvira's ring in the
cross.  Take the prayer book with the Manticore Hide inside.

Enter the Chamber under the altar in the Chapel. Face the Crusader Wall and
USE the prayer scroll.  Put crown on crusader's head and take the holy sword.
USE the holy sword.

Go up to the battlements and fight until you meet the Grey Knight (an archer)
who has another key.  Fire a crossbow bolt at him.  He will fall over the
battlements into the moat below.  (Note this location.  You'll need to find
him later in the moat.)

(If necessary: Return to castle to replenish magic spells and/or make up new

Enter the Dungeon.  Search for magic ingredients (earwigs, caterpillars,
etc.)  in the jail cells.  Enter the Torture Chamber and lift the ring on
the floor.  Touch nothing else.  Take the bones and the THIRD KEY.

Enter the Catacombs and explore the various Burial Chambers.  Find the
coffin containing the iron key. and take the key.  In another chamber find
the empty coffin and put bones in it.  Note: The other coffin in this same
room is the entrance to the moat - but do not open this coffin until you have
the iron key.

Return to Torture Chamber.  Take the tongs.

Go to the Well Room.  Check to make sure the well rope is in the "Down"

Make way back to catacombs.  If you meet the monster with the stone, slay
him and take the stone.  Enter the Burial Chamber where you left the

Now you can open the other coffin.  The room will flood.  Swim down and
then swim until you find a place to swim up  (i.e., the up arrow is
highlighted).  This is the bottom of the Well.  Swim up for air or
you will drown.

Swim down again, then to the grill at the other end of the tunnel.  Unlock the grill.  Enter the
moat.  (find the slain Grey Knight and obtain FOURTH KEY.
Return to bottom of well and go up.  Take the moss from the Well.

Go to Foundry.  Find the crucible in the wooden box, and take it.  Place
silver cross in crucible, then place crucible in fire to melt the cross.
Dip a crossbow bolt in the molten silver.

Go back to the Kitchen and USE tongs to take hot coal from fire.  Then make
way immediately to the Third Tower.

Light cannon wick with coal.  It will fire, blasting the Fourth Tower to

Go to Stable.  Kill werewolf with silver bolt and obtain FIFTH KEY from
behind stone in last stall.  (The stone with the ring.)

There is now only one key left to obtain.  This you must take from the
Captain of the Guard.

Go to Armoury and get armor. (CONSUME strength potions before you put it on,
or you may be left immobile.)  Drop unnecessry items CONSUME dexterity
potions.  Enter Captain's Room and attack the captain with magic to reduce
his effectiveness.  Use any magic that increases your hit points - Palmlight,
Fingerlight, Demon's Brew, anything to weaken him.  Then defeat him in hand-
to-hand combat.  Take bulletin off Captain's bulletin board then take the

Destroyed Tower (Fourth Tower)

Go to the destroyed tower ... the one you blew away with the cannon.  You
will find a chest.  Open the chest using the keys in the correct order.
(This can be determined by examining each key.)  In the chest you'll find a
dagger and a scroll.  Take them but do not use them yet.

Go to the Catacombs and find the stone impression on the floor (located at
the "Y" juncture in the passageway)  where you can insert the stone key
obtained from the monster.  This will open a secret passageway.  Enter the
passageway - but be sure you've taken all available health potions first!
(You want to boost your LIF quotient: a good potion for this is Wooden
Heart.)  If you meet Emelda's handmaidens, they can only be destroyed by

At the end of the corridor, Emelda will confront you.  If you do nothing,
she will drain your Life Force.  To kill her, place the crusader's sword in
the pentangle, then USE the scroll you found in the chest.  Finally, stab
Emelda with the dagger.




This section lists, in alphabetical order, all magic ingredients and their
locations in Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

INGREDIENT                        LOCATION

Absinthe                          Bar
Aconite                           Herb Garden
Algae                             Center of Maze
Beetles                           Dungeon
Belladonna                        Garden Path
Bird's Feather                    Falcon
Bleeding Heart Flower             Herb Garden
Bird's Egg                        Maze
Black Lotus                       Center of Maze
Blood Lily                        Center of Maze
Bloodroot                         Herb Garden
Centipedes                        Dungeon
Dandelion                         Herb Garden
Dogwood                           Garden Path
Dragon's Blood                    Burial Chamber (hole in skull above door)
Earwigs                           Dungeon
Elderberries                      Herb Garden
Fern                              Living Room
Flame Flower                      Backyard Path
Firethorn                         Backyard Path
Four Leaf Clover                  Backyard Path
Hawthorn                          Backyard Path
Hay                               Outside Stables
Hellabore                         Herb Garden
Honey                             Pantry
Horsehair                         Stables
Ivy                               Battlements
Laudnum                           Bathroom (Hole in Wall)
Lily                              Center of Maze
Lily Leaf                         Center of Maze
Maiden Tree Leaves                Backyard Path
Maggot                            Garden Shed (Dead Gardener's throat)
Manticore Hide                    Chapel (Prayer Book)
Mistletoe                         Backyard Path
Monsters                          Living Room
Moss                              Well
Mushrooms                         Backyard Path
Nettles                           Maze
Nightshade                        Backyard Path (by Shed)
Parsley                           Herb Garden
Plantain                          Herb Garden
Poppy                             Outside Herb Garden
Red Wine                          Kitchen (Pantry)
Rose                              Herb Garden
Spider Webs                       Dungeon
Thistle                           Maze
Vampire's Dust                    Vampire's Room (left after vampire killed)
White Wine                        Kitchen (Pantry)
Witch Hazel                       Herb Garden

bsp;                    Kitchen (Pantry)
Rose                              Herb Garden
Spider Webs                       Dungeon
Thistle                           Maze
Vampire's Dust                    Vampire's Room (left after vampire killed)
White Wine                        Kitchen (Pantry)
Witch Hazel                       Herb Garden