Warning ! Spoiler ! Only view, if you really want to see the Extro-Pictures !

There are no real cheats known for Paradroid - but some interesting things and secrets are known.

Hint 1 - turn off the transfer-game
Just press F3 in the Title-screen for a menu.

Hint 2 - the Quest for Keys
[by Karl Blow]
There are actually "6" ships in total (not including the demo ship based on the starship enterprize of which would make 7 in total!) Make sure you firslty start on ship 1, and before you finish it collect a key found on the deck below where the Commander is found!Then basically do the same on ever ship. If you can't find it on some ships then destroy all blocks,tables you can and it will most likely be under one of them! Be warned though! On the 5th ship (brown one) the key is in front of the one tank on that ship so leg it in front of the tank and collect it before the tank gets it first or else there isn't much point in carrying on if that happens!

Here you can see, how these keys look like.

Here are some shots from the hidden ship - itīs the pirates ship, named Arabella.

If you also find the hidden key on the Arabelle you get this extro-screen. But what did graftgold want to tell us ?

Funny: the Commander on this ship is imprisoned.

Hereīs a detaill, I never noticed before: if you touch the thorns on the shuttles - they break off (nothing great, but i simply love those detaills ;).

This is the normal extro-picture