all about Paradroid `90

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Paradroid is a stunning Shooter with Puzzle and Strategy-Elements.
It is comparable to games like Alien Breed, The Chaos Engine, Gauntlet, Loaded - and to name a few newer ones - Diablo or Nox. The difference to these games is the scenario and that it needs much more tactic.

Itīs not enough to have a big blaster and shoot everything to pieces - you will need to plan, approach patiently and then destroy or take over the enemy.
This is a very unique feature (Iīve never seen it anywhere else): you may and must take over your foes, so that you actually connect to and then control them.

The Influence Device (I.D.)Enemy under control

At the start, you control a small drone, the Influence Device, which is capable to take over nearly any robot for a short time - the bigger the shorter. It also can fire weak shots, but is very low armored. If you connect to a robot, you first have to beat him in a kind of puzzle-game, which gets harder as bigger the robot is, so it may be a good idea to take a small robot first. If you loose, both robots will blow up - if you havenīt already connected to one, the games is over. If you win, only the old one blows and you control the new one. All robots behave and move very different, so itīs a lot of Fun and Challenge to either beat them or take control over them. But Paradroid is not quite easy - youīve got to know your enemies. And youīve got to know the levels - or to be VERY cautios - you canīt either see, whatīs behind walls or doors, nor can you look around corners.
However, the aim of the game is quite simple: destroy all robots .
Together with the simple, but very detailled graphics and athmospheric sound, Paradroid will excite you each time you really try to solve it.

But enough talk, just have a look at the screenshots or download the Demo.