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Note: there are no commercial games similar to exile known to me !
If you know anything not listed here, please tell me ! Exile for iPhone
Iphone conversion of Exile based on the Amiga AGA release, by original author Peter Irvin

Exile Tribute Exile Tribute
All you would want to know about ExileŽs history, concentrates on the original 8-bit BBC Micro-Version of Exile released in 1988.
If you are an Exile-Fan, youŽll love this site.

nameless.jpg, 8 kB Exile - the nameless
Fantastic Exile Windows-Remake, with modern graphics, great sound und really fine playability.

PC-Exile Simon Storr's PC Exile
This project is a DirectX conversion of the classic BBC game, Exile. There already is a playable (but very small) demo to download. Looks interesting, but the graphics look very like the BBC-Version.

The Columbus Force Project
Also a PC-Conversion, but sounds more interesting: "This is not just a nostalgic ramble - my chosen task right now is to painstakingly remake the game on the PC platform. However, unlike many remakes, I don't see my goal as a pixel-by-pixel duplicate of the original. My aim is to create a fittingly updated Exile, free from the restrictions of the original hardware - more special effects, better graphics, a flexible and extensible game engine architecture and (keep this one hushed) possibly even network play. "

Today (22.03.02) I received good news about this project:
Just found your Exile: Resurrection page, and just thought I'd update you on the Columbus Force project.
It's still alive - even though the site isn't!
I've been trying to move the site to a different host with the same domain name, and it's been slow progress. It WILL return in some form soon, even if I can't get the domain name back.
And even while all this is going on, the project work continues.
I'm rewriting the collision detection code to be polygon-based, giving more accurate physics. I'm also considering changing the graphics library that I'm using. The good news is it works fully on DOS, Windows, and Linux.