to the Temple of Celal Kandemiroglu!

He created countless covers, posters and ingame-graphics, and these are to be collected here.

You surely have already seen some of his work, he made famous Game-Covers like Turrican or Legend Of Faerghail, many Magazine-Covers for PC/Amiga-Joker or PC-Player and ingame Graphics for games like Biing! or X-Out.

If you move ahead, there is a little info about Celal, to the right, there is the pride of this site: the galery !

Your Help is needed!
Do you have anything done by Celal? Please mail me a scan, or it you don´t need it anymore, contact me if you want to give it away or sell it.

What´s Celal doing now:
After working as Art Director about 2 years at Wings Simulations and 6 at Ascaron Studio (e.g. Sacred), Celal moved back from Germany to Istanbul.
Now he creates 3d-Models as a Freelancer, you can view some examples at:

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132 screenshots!!